Legends Tour

A magical kingdom awaits you where you will get to collect and have battles with tons of monsters. If you were a crazy fan of Pokemon then the game Legends Tour is going to be your new favorite. It has the same characters and Pokemon’s that you will be witnessing throughout the game.

Oh, and not to forget the game has been soft-launched on Android & iOS devices and is all set to be released soon.

Hugefishgame has come up with this adventure filled game that has tons of cool features enclosed in just one place to provide you an ultimate gaming experience. The beautiful graphics followed by an intense gameplay is sure to get you hooked for hours which you won’t be able to leave in the middle.

Legends Tour Gameplay & Walkthrough

The gameplay is not very hard to master and can be played by people of any age group. However, you might have to spend some time in understanding it first and then you’re good to go. The professor will be guiding you throughout through the dialogue boxes.

As you begin, you will be guided all the basics of the game through a tutorial that will even help you in the battles as to how you can actually attain victory. You are the trainer in this game who will train their monsters and make them better with each passing level.

to Begin

So, before actually starting the game, you will have to sing in or sign up for an account to play the game. This, process might not be liked by everybody as it consumes some time. Oh, you can also log in to the game through your Facebook account. In this way, your gaming progression will be synced on your account and you can play it anywhere and on any device you want.

Variety of Monsters

In this magical continent, you will get to witness a wide variety of monsters with over 600 different monsters having a skill set of their own. Moreover, there will be seventeen different kinds of properties for each of them and 2000 kinds of original skills. Isn’t that amazing?

Classic Combat System

The classic combat system will let you compete with players from all over the world in real time. This will help you with the opportunity to obtain a higher ranker in the league competition. Win all of the battles and you will b rewards with tons of cool rewards.

League Competitions

Go ahead and battle with other players in real-time in the league competition that opens every day. You can also challenge the master in the Arena which will help you improve your ranking and increase your combat effectiveness.

Adventure Filled Levels

The game has a lot to offer than you can imagine so you are never going to get bored. It has hundreds of levels where you can have some thrilling battles with other players. Moreover, there are diverse playing ways like planting monsters, exploring the village plunder, the world boss and a lot more.

Unique Play

The game has a lot in store for you where you will get to cultivate and summon the monster, decomposition of monster, equipment and materials. Go ahead and Battle in the Gold City, this will help your guild to reach at the top of the league.

Control & Graphics

The 3D graphics of this game are super beautiful with a lot of colors that will make playing the game a lot more fun for you. Also, the controls are super smooth where just the tapping action is required.

How to Download?

So, stop whatever you are doing and get your hands on this adventure filled game from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for free. Also, don’t forget to check our OXi site for more Adventure based games.

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