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The legends from the past, the villains and the heroes alike await you in the all-new RPG adventure called Legends Reborn, so buckle up, command, challenge and clench victory to claim your place amongst the world’s top Acolytes. With the famous legends of Lore, nothing is impossible.

The game is developed by none other than BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. who pride themselves in bringing you epic games like Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage, and DigimonLinks. However, this RPG is nothing like these games, and provides a unique RPG experience. So, without any further ado, let’s check out the gameplay to see everything the game offers.

Legends Reborn Gameplay, Walkthrough & Review

In this RPG adventure, you join forces with the iconic heroes and creatures throughout the history, and conquer the kingdom together. The game offers numerous legendary characters that indulge in the combats with only one goal – victory.

The game takes you on a descriptive tutorial, so you can get hang of the game controls easily. They aren’t much difficult to even begin with; there are a number of icons on the bottom right of your screen. One’s to attack the enemy, and the other enables you to unleash your special abilities.

There are a number of quests you can complete, join the missions using your legends, and complete them on your own to go further in the game. Beat the waves of enemies, level after level, to be a full blown Acolyte.

Summon your team of legends

Players will get a chance to meet and play with the legendary characters – from Dracula, to Joan of Arc, King Arthur, and Hua Mulan as they build a dream team, and command them in the battle arena.

Claiming your place among the powerful Acolytes is not a walk in the park though – you will need to summon powerful characters like monsters, pirates, heroes, and beasts. Furthermore, there’s an entire variety of historical and literary figures such as the Medusa, Grendel, Blackbeard, and many others at your disposal to help you out.

Collect legendary characters

The legendary characters have their own special abilities and effects, but there’s one thing in common between all of them – they are all deadly when they step into the battle arena. Build an epic team of legendary characters by collecting and upgrading them.

Turn based combat

When you think the time is right for your squad to take on the enemies, step into the battle arena. You will command your team in turn-based combats as you challenge the top rivals, and wipe them out to emerge victorious.

Unleash special attacks

Wreck havoc on the enemies by unleashing your special attacks. It’s quite simple; summon your legends into the battlegrounds, and boost their stats. You would also be able to unlock rare abilities in them. Swapping your legends in and out of the combat is also a great idea, but you will certainly be on your toes throughout.

Upgrade & earn rewards

Bolster your forces by upgrading the equipment and abilities of your legends. Every time you win a battle, you are rewarded. Rewards include Loranium Gems; that can get you a new Legend for the battles, and others such as gold, scrolls every time you complete a mission.

Fight to the top of leader boards

Fight your way to the top of the leader boards with your legendary squad, by winning the PvP battles against your opponents. As you clash with the evils, don’t forget to collect the materials, and equipment that might come in handy at any point in the game. Moreover, you can also get your hands on a number of bonus resources that will help you upgrade your legends.

Fight stronger with Guilds

If you have a battle squad, why not flaunt it? Band together with your friends and fight, and compete in guilds. You can also enhance your game heroes’ squad by sharing your legends among your guild mates.

Play the game in a number of modes; Campaign, Arena, and others. However, you will be able to unlock some of the modes after you complete various missions, and levels.

Discover the secrets

Uncover the origins of the legends and Acolytes as you meet and greet the heroes and the villains from history. It’s Champions vs. the Creatures in Legends Reborn, which one are you? Want to find out, and play your heart out? The game is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now. Enjoy!


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