Royal Blood

Gamers, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that the Latest RPG Royal Blood by GAMEVIL is Out for Beta Testing. The popular Korean developers have finally released the game after more than two years of development.

Royal Blood is a whole new mobile MMORPG experience that’s claimed to hold elements such as 100 vs 100 battles between the realms. It is a massive multiplayer online fantasy RPG where you fight to reclaim the throne. In the Royal Blood universe, the war is upon us, and the fate of human race lies in your hands.

Unleash special attacks on the enemy, and show your true potential in the battle arena. So, if you are ready for fierce massive battles, head over to Google Play Store now to download the game. Meanwhile, you can also check out the OXI Review to know all about the game, and the hype it has been stirring on the store. Cheers!

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