Last Survive - Chicken Dinner

Survival games are on a roll at Android and iOS play store these days and the latest to grab attention is a multiplayer PvP action game by Distribution Star. Last Survive – Chicken Dinner is out and running so let’s walk you through the game.

Last Survive – Chicken Dinner is a treat for all the Battle Royale lovers where it takes 40 players to a city building – an unknown battleground where they fight against each other to stay alive by all means possible.

To add more drama, there are plenty of weapons scattered in the battlefield that players can use to knock each other down. Head over to our review of the game to know everything about this survival adventure.

Last Survive - Chicken Dinner is Out and Running

The game’s realistic battlefield and plenty of gameplay will definitely get you hooked as soon as you dive into the game, so grab it from Google Play Store right away. Have fun!

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