Last Day Alive

Hello there, gamers! Are you bored of playing the same old games again and again and want to experience a brand new survival game with some real thrill? Well, I got your back buddy! Put your shoes on and step into a world that has been taken over by zombies. So, if you think you have all it takes to be the last man standing in a town full of creepy zombies. Then dive into this game Last Day Alive for an ultimate action-shooting experience.

Glu Games is now back with its latest creation titled as Last Day Alive which looks very promising and has got me all excited. You’ll know Glu Games from their basic yet addictive versatile games like Restaurant DASH, Blood and Glory, Nicki Minaj: The Empire, and that’s just the beginning.

Last Day Alive, takes up a somewhat more bleeding approach as you’re tossed into a city which is full of undead zombies with shotguns, explosives, rifles, and the sky is the limit from there.

It is misdirecting to state that zombie survival games are having a thing at the present time. In all actuality they’ve been feeling weak at the knees over years. There’s maybe a greater amount of an accentuation on the survival part of the condition nowadays. A day ago Alive from Glu appropriately joins undead-topping activity with an easygoing session of asset administration.

Last Day Alive Gameplay & Walkthrough

Danger is spreading everywhere like crazy in the form of zombies. It’s dependent upon you to spare caught survivors from crowds of hideous zombies, ruin to foe bases to take their assets, go up against more dynamic adversaries as you contend with different players in solo or 2v2 matches, manufacture your own epic base, and prove yourself to be the boss by being the last man standing.

Captivating Gameplot!

The game plot is pretty intense, and at the same time very captivating. This game takes you to a post apocalyptic world where you will have to survive and keep others safe from all the undead zombies using various weapons and strategies. The zombies have risen up from the dead and now it is up to you how to fight, survive, and be the last man standing till the very end.


Destroy Bases From A Helicopter

Expect some real thrill and action in this action-shooter game as it is a lot more than just killing. You need to save the stranded survivors and kill all the zombies lurking around. Get to the chopper and unleash a fiery bullet storm to destroy your enemy’s base and obtain their resources.

Build & Customize Your Base

The hideous zombies are looking out for you and will try to kill you and everyone else in the blink of an eye. It is very important to build a base for yourself that can keep you away from all that danger. Start by building your very own base and customize it however you want to defend it from the zombies and other enemies. Locate survivors, loot materials and band together to overcome a post-apocalyptic world.

Simple to Use

This third-party PvP zombie shooter activity with asset rummaging components resembles a lot like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, yet with zombies!Last day Alive is not at all like that. Or maybe, it stirs up chomp measured on-rails shooter segments with a standard freemium city-building component.

Intense PvP

This happens to be the most exciting part of this game where PvP mode pitches you into 1v1 and 2v2 matches. The firearm controls are much the same, yet your genuine rivals are fit for taking various clasps worth of harm.

Here you recover the capacity to move and forward between a few cover focuses, guarding you while you reload. This is useful for flanking and for hoovering up the unique harm boosting things that bring forth in the middle.

It stays to be checked whether there’s any additional profundity to these PvP fights. They appear to be very shortsighted at this early point.

Game Controls & Graphics

The game controls and graphics will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable without being a headache, This game has a smooth control mechanism with smooth and slick controls. Moreover, the graphics  are extremely eye-catching and will provide you a great sight.

So, without any further ado, head over to the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store to get your hands on this incredible shooter game filled with a lot of action. Prove yourself to be the last man standing and help your people survive from the deadly zombies.

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