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Fight your way to a big cause and survive as a lone wolf in a deserted land, as yet another survival game hits the Android market. Here, your only target is survival. Swim and sprint your way to victory with Knives Out Battle Royale as this game brings your Hunger Games fantasies to life.

Survival games like Rules of Survival and Survival Royale have already caused quite hype in the android market but what’s astonishing is the face that NetEase Games created a survival game that goes by the name Survival Royale, and Knives Out follows the exact path of that one, except the name of course, and a little change in the game settings here, and there.

Knives Out Battle Royale an open world exploration and survival game where you see the player compete against 99 other players to grab the victory. For those of you in a dire need of some unexpected adventures to take Knives Out Battle Royale is the game for you so let’s head straight to the game.

Knives Out Battle Royale Gameplay

Knives Out pushes real life survival instincts with lovely details but despite the beauty that the game scene possesses, it’s still deadly. 100 players dive in the battleground with a parachute and only one player can come out victorious.

When you begin your journey, you are asked to create a look for your character, and then you proceed to the battlefield, where are given instructions by your commander.

Smooth Game Controls!

You will control your character using the virtual joysticks. Use them to move your character in all directions to dodge the enemy, and find items that will help you in your survival like weapons, medicines etc.

Aim at the enemy using one hand, and shoot with the other. It’s as simple as that. The players are not your only enemy in this deserted area, you also have to stay away from the areas that toxic gases could be fatal for you. Try to take the enemy down while staying in the safe zone.

At its core, it’s a game that has no objective and follows the same old survival drill. 100 players step into the deserted battle arena of 6.4 square kilometers via parachutes, and begin their fight for survival but only one can walk out of the arena alive.

100 players dive in, only One walks out!

Hunt down all your enemies aggressively, and fight them off or wait until everyone else in the game has whittled down the game. Remember! There can be only one winner and you have to make sure it’s you, but the game is no walk in the park.

While you try to sprint to escape the deadly enemies left, right, and center, the other players try to find you. Or even worse, try to kill you.

When you begin your survival journey, besides trying to dodge the players that might drag you out of the game by killing you, there is another goal that you can achieve and make your chances to be the last one standing brighter – find ammunition.

Ammunition to the rescue!

There is a variety of weapons that you can find, and choose from, so collect them, and equip them to defend yourself against the enemies. Use the lethal weapons to knock down everyone who comes in your way of survival. With so many different survival tools, there are countless ways to make sure you are the last man standing.

Ambush at your enemy and attack them using your weapons like sniper, AK-47, short gun and many others. Get your hands on the deadly weapons by scavenging through the abandoned houses, and industrial zones. Moreover, find different military vehicles to cruise around and flee the deserted place.

Scavenge through the area to hunt different items but gathering items to craft the needed items require a lot of grinding.

Play with your squad!

You can play the game in different modes whether you want to bring the other contenders down alone, or whether you want to achieve victory with your squad. Team up with your friends and compete in different modes like Solo, Duo, and Squad mode.

There’s a voice chat option for you to coordinate with your friends, and form a dream team to deal with the enemies. Teamwork is the solution to all your problems in the Pairs/Team mode.

So, if you are ready to explore the big, vast world, download the game from Google Play Store now. Have fun playing!

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