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Finally, a Simulation Game with one of the best and most extensive gameplay is here to put you out of misery. VIZOR APPS has recently launched Klondike Adventures where fun and exploration meets. The game is interesting, like any other simulation game, but this game is not like Farm On, there is much more infused in the gameplay of this marvelous game which creates the element of fun with more intensity and depth.

Overall, the gameplay creates quite a stir; you are not only going to do farming but there are many other things that you must perform. So, to let’s have a detail look at the gameplay of Klondike Adventures and see what it has to offer us.

Klondike Adventures – Review, Gameplay & Walkthrough

The gameplay features and mechanism of the game are extensively impressive. One does not have to go through complicated action packed gaming experience rather all you need is to build a great city with the help of Kate.

Build the city in whichever way possible, complete various tasks, complete orders and decorate your city to make is look more attractive and appealing. Don’t forget that you also need to do farming and tend to animals that you possess to keep the customer orders going.

Also, construct various production buildings and extract out the raw material and mine to get various resources. There are numerous things that you can achieve in this game. Without a doubt I can’t stop playing it now.

Build the City

The main task in the game for you is to build the city make it one of the best looking and goods producing cities of all. There are numerous things that you can do to rebuild it. Construct various factories and bring them to a working position.

Moreover, there are many objects on the field that you must remove to widen the place you have for more opportunities. There are many building that you will have to construct in order to keep going ahead in the game. However, you will be indicated about you r tasks so you are not going to play blind, rather help will be given.

Various Tasks

Well, it seemed to me at first that in Klondike Adventures we might only be asked to complete orders and clean out the area; however, but there is much more than just competing customer orders and delivering them.

There are some main tasks that we are all required to do in order to keep moving in the game. These tasks contain specific rewards which will give your gaming experience a great boost.

Multiple chapters

There are many chapters that the game holds in it; however, each of these chapters further possesses multiple locations in them like; Wind’s Song, Brook Valley, Aery and many more. All these locations contains various tasks for you to complete and as you move along in the game more and more locations get unlocked for you to explore.

Buy Items from the Market

As you move ahead in Klondike Adventures, you will see the there are many items that get unlocked in the market. You must buy whatever is available set it up in your city and give your city the look that you want.

You can buy, not only the factories from there but you can but animals, plants and many things needed to decorate your area.


Anything that you have in excess gets stored in the storage which you can trade with the trader and can get quite a great amount of rewards against them; earn money and energy points.

Energy Points

Whatever you are required to do in the game takes some energy points from you. So you need to stay alert while you perform them as the smallest of the tasks needs some energy points. However, regaining them is not so difficult; with each passing minute one energy points gets added.

Top Players

Go to settings and explore the leaderboard to see how is at the top of the game and try hard to earn the position of the top player in the game, show your worth to the world.

Perfect Graphics & Simple Controls

The game holds one of the best graphical content that I have seen in a long time. The visual quality is awesome and definitely keeps you glued to the game.

However, the controls work smoothly and don’t involve much of a work other than just tapping on the things you want to achieve.

How to Download

Well, downloading Klondike Adventures is super simple; just go on to Google Play Store and Apple iTunes and install fun directly to you devices. Enjoy!

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  1. So far, I like Township by Playrix a lot better. Their algorithms are WAY better. Same grade of graphics as Klondike…. But you can tell that the Township creators did their homework when creating their game. It is Way more enjoyable and a lot less aggravating. You can actually accomplish things you want WHEN you want, without paying a ton of REAL money just to get things done. I get discouraged a lot playing Klondike… And all the suggestions that I get from customer support are just as discouraging and aggravating…. For people who are not the Rockefellers, Vanderbuilts, or the Clintons, and aren’t independently wealthy…. You may want to skip Klondike, and head on over to Township by Playrix. Just my opinion.


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