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GemDog is back from his adventure with the cats, it’s time to lead the outrageous cute pups in the fun quests to steal things! HyperBeard’s sequel to the item collecting game KleptoCats called KleptoDogs is now Available on Android & iOS.

For all the dog lovers out there, it’s time to befriend the thieving puppies, and go on fun quests with your fuzzy little buddies. KleptoDogs brings you a chance to have a blast while hanging out with your cute puppy pals as you feed them, caress them, and dress them up.

Players will send off their dogs on numerous quests to steal items, and decorate your own home with those. In between the trips to steal things, you can dress them up, and play mini-games with them. The Oxidroid Review will help you get a better insight of all the game offers. To get your hands on the game, head over to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. Cheers!

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