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For the dog lovers all around the world, let’s go on a puppy adventure, shall we? Join the sneaky society of thieving animals! It’s time to hang out with adorable pups, and take on different quests. Have a blast hanging out with cute puppy pals, and lead the cute pups in their quest to fill the rooms with strange things in the all new game KleptoDogs.

KleptoDogs is a sequel to the item-collecting cat game, and is created by the makers of the popular KleptoCats; a game that garnered the attention of masses by reaching a million downloads in record time.

But as the adventure with the cats is now over, HyperBeard brings you a fun casual pet game where you can hang out with your puppy pals and have fun together.

KleptoDogs Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

This newest title of Hyperbeard replicates the entire formula of Kleptocats but this time, you will be surrounded by cute pups instead of cats. Like KleptoCats had you order kitties to go around, and search for special objects that you could use for your home, here, players will use their collection of puppies to steal things, and bring them to fill your home.

Primarily, KleptoDogs is a time management game as players send off their dogs, and wait for them to return with new items before they send them off again. But there are plenty of fun things to do in between the stealing trips. You will treat your dogs well, and you will play with them.

Fill rooms with the strangest of things!

KleptoDogs puts you in charge of thieving dogs in this spin-off, where you will send the dogs to steal different items. GemDog is back, and this time he’s here with a bunch of dogs for you to train. You will collect, and keep a huge variety of all the rare items the dogs bring for you. The dogs can bring you any stuff home, from the useful to the useless items you don’t need.

Unlock new dog breeds!

The adventure is puppy-filled; here, gamers will get to play with all their favorite dogs. Players can unlock all breeds of dogs to play with; from Chihuahua, to pug, corgi, beagle, you name it.

KleptoDogs also features a number of mini games as well that you can play, and win to earn coins. You can use the coins you win from the mini games to dress up your pups, and get new clothes for them.

Hang out with your puppy pals!

The casual experience is all about playing with the dogs and having fun in their downtime, when they are not on a quest to steal things. As your job is also to care for the puppies, you will feed them when they are hungry, and dress them up in the cutest of clothes, and enjoy various games with them for your own amusement.

While there are no long-term objectives in the game, and all you have to worry about is decorating the house, there is always room for better objects to fill your home with, and live at ease.

Whether you are a dog lover or not, it does not matter as KleptoDogs is quite an entertaining game with plenty of virtual puppies to caress, and great game graphics. The gameplay lacks depth, definitely, but there are plenty of dog breeds to collect, and items to fetch so you will never be bored of the cute animals.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to fill up the empty rooms and enjoy a dose of cute animals on your phone. Dog lovers around the world can download the game from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. Have fun!

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