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Gamers, here’s a surprise. The dinosaurs are alive, and they are back again to rule the Earth. Fleeing the Jurassic World, now they roam freely in your cities, and neighborhoods. Don’t freak out, we are only talking about the latest simulation game Jurassic World Alive by Ludia Inc.

With over a year after Pokémon Go’s success, we are finally starting to see other developers jumping on the concept of augmeJurassic World Alive Featured Imagented reality. Imagine living in a world where dinosaurs roam around you. Thrilled? Jurassic World Alive brings that concept to life. If you are wondering how it all works, here’s a breakdown of all you need to know about this game.

Jurassic World Alive Review, Walkthrough & Gameplay

Jurassic World Alive is all about saving the dinosaurs from extinction, assembling a dinosaur strike team, and taking on threats in PVP battles. Players will play the game as a member of Dinosaur Protection Group, where their ultimate mission is to prevent the second extinction.

If you have had the chance of playing Pokémon Go, this game is going to look quite familiar. For the most part, the game works exactly like Pokémon Go. As the app starts in, you learn how to tap the dinosaurs and how to capture them. Here, instead of Pokeballs, you will use a drone. Every time, you encounter a dinosaur, shoot the dart at the dinosaur, and it will collect a little DNA sample for you.

Tap to release the drone, and maneuver it into a position to go straight to the target. On the dinosaur, you will see two white circles, hitting the inner circle will get you more DNA than the outer one but after the first dart hits, the drone battery starts draining, and you have to collect as much as you can before it runs out.

Find your favorite dinosaurs, come across new terrifying breeds, and create hybrids. Good aims will take you a long way in Jurassic World Alive, as the more DNA you collect, the more dinosaurs you will be able to breed, and evolve.

Explore the dinosaur world!

The location based technology makes it easy for the players to explore the world. Discover dinosaurs on the map, and identify their behavior patterns to track species in their natural habitat.

Collect rare breeds!

Track your favorite animals with the help of a drone, and collect their DNA samples to level them up. You can create hybrids in the lab, and assemble a perfect dinosaur strike team to take on the enemies.

Fly a drone with precise accuracy, and collect powerful breeds of dinosaurs. Find the thriving animals, and maintain a full roster or them by capturing DNA samples. Once you have collected enough DNA, 50 points to be precise, you will get to create your own dinosaur.

Create hybrids to develop powerful abilities!

Upgrade your animals, and make them even deadlier for the enemies by combining their genetic traits. With multiple species available to you, you will be able to create hybrid creatures any time. Evolving dinosaurs will make them more lethal, and will help you better in the battles so don’t forget to upgrade the stats. However, you will need a fixed amount of coins to be able to make hybrids.

Real time PVP arenas!

A number of dangerous threats await you in the real time PVP arena battles. Defend yourself against the threats, and challenge them in different real time player vs player battle arenas. Head to the training grounds with your dinosaurs, and battle other players.

Each player can bring up to 4 dinosaurs in the battle but in order to win, you only need to take down three. As you level up, and advance, you will be able to challenge more difficult players.

Earn plenty of rewards!

Not only can you earn some in-game currency as a form of reward, but you will also be able to earn battery life for your drone by equipping Supply Drops.  Don’t forget the supply drops as they give you items such as cash, coins, DNA darts, and batteries.

While it’s clear the game has tweaked the Pokemon Go formula, we can’t really say they have done a bad job doing it. All things considered, Jurassic World Alive does look like the future of Jurassic World franchise. If you want to try your hands on the game, download it from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. Cheers!

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