Jurassic World Alive is out

Ever since the runaway success of Pokémon Go, the trend of AR games has hit the play store with a storm. The latest game in the genre is by none other than Ludia Inc. If you are tired of capturing Pokémons, leave all that and become a seasoned dinosaur hunter as Jurassic World Alive is Now Out & Running!

Much like the sensational hit, Jurassic World Alive is an AR monster collecting game. You will play as a member of Dinosaur Protection Group, and all you have to do is save the dinosaurs from extinction yet again. Stumble across different dinosaurs, use your drone to hit the dinosaurs with a dart, and collect DNA.

As you collect different dinosaurs, and evolve them, you will also get to fight with the beasts. If you want to learn more, you can check out our OXI Review, or you can head straight to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now to download the game. Cheers!

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