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Warriors, real corporation warfare is on! The galaxies are waiting for you, so come join the warfare, and dominate the galaxies as Crazy Panda Apps presents the all-new Stellar Age: MMO Strategy.

Stellar Age is all about building your colony, and then waiting. Yep, the building time will bug you every time, but patience will get you a long way in the game. Aside from the long waiting times to build and upgrade your colony, the game takes a few right turns when it comes to gameplay.

Stellar Age Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

The game may sounds familiar to the strategy game lovers out there, but it probably won’t stop you from playing it anyway. In Stellar Age, you explore a mesmerizing galaxy, and fight warfare to dominate the rich cosmic territories.

Explore the vast stretch of space by using the spaceships!

As you explore the endless galaxy map, you will fight battles, make technology advancements, and upgrade your fleet of thousands of merchant and military ships. Sounds interesting, right?

The battles are relatively boring.  To fight the enemy forces, you will have to start producing Lightweight Fighter units as soon as you indulge in the game.

Every time you detect some activity of stellar pirates close to your planet, prepare, and sweep the sector. But before you attack, it’s necessary to analyze the enemy fleet, and resources so send a spy to determine the opponents. The information from spy will also calculate the possible damage incurred to you in the battle ahead.

Command your fleet to battles!

Command your fleet to attack and conquer. As you emerge victorious from the battles, the wreckage of the destroyed ships will automatically be disintegrated into the resources of your spaceship.

To make the space home to you, you will build, and upgrade the space colony to make it feel home. Build space port as it is used to build the space fleet ships both; transport and combat and Science Block which is used to carry out the research and development of technologies like energy, defense and attack equipment.

Research & Advance!

Research new technologies and gain access to the hidden features of the game such as the production of new spaceships, and planet colonization.  Moreover, learn espionage for gathering enemy intelligence before you face them in the battlefield.

Build an invincible fleet of spaceships, and connect!

Build yourself an invincible spaceship fleet where you can cause havoc on the enemy using Lightfighter, Heavyfighter, Titans, Bomber, Destroyer and many more. Build an Ansible Ring and connect with other stellar colonies. The ring initiates and regulates instant supersonic connection with the other stellar colonies.

Earn gold, resources and ships!

In Stellar Age, you will be rewarded for accomplishing anything in the game. You get credit in the form of gold every time you accomplish something. Use the gold to buy boosts like Planet Shield that protects your planets from the others’ attacks and espionage.

Complete tasks to earn additional resources and ships. You can shop not just the resources such as metal, but also Planet Boosts, War Boosts such as additional production, and research line, and Planetary Shields by using the in-game currency.

Boost your space colony!

Be the invincible fleet of the galaxy by using numerous boosts in the game. Each boost is unique, but they all can turn the tide of battles at any given time. The Fleet Production Line allows you to use additional fleets, and increase the attacking power, while the Research Line speeds up the research progress. Defensive Production Line enables you to quickly strengthen the defense, and the Metal Mining Boosts, as the name suggests, increases the metal extraction speed.

Lead your corporation to victory!

If you have the skills to command and lead, create your own corporation, and run it to victory, or play safe by entering and becoming a part of a powerful corporation. Fight the PVP battles alongside your corporation, or fight alone in the PVE mode of the game – the options are endless.

It wouldn’t be fair to still keep you waiting, so here’s how you can get the game for yourself. Stellar Age is currently in the beta testing phase – a stage of active development however, the game will be up on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes soon. Don’t forget to enjoy it!

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