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Gameloft has always been able to bring forward striking games like; Order and Chaos (Online) and Asphalt 8: Airborne. However, the great news is that it has certainly done the same again. It has launched a remarkable ARPG game by – Iron Blade (Medieval RPG) and what a superb game it is.

The most intriguing thing about this game is its beautifully crafted gameplay. The story is about a place where the evils of Esquin and Lord Baal has resided. The Templar hero -Damien has taken the responsibility to eradicate all their demonic forces.

The controls of the game are like shooting fish in a barrel. You just have to tap on the right side of the screen to attack the enemy whilst tapping on the left to blocks the enemy attack. However, blocking may take up character stamina which is restored by leveling up your character.

The goal of the game is quite clear which is to save the humanity from trapping into the evils of Lord Baal and also to bring them towards the goodness. On the other hand, not achieving it puts you in depths in the hell.

What makes the game more attractive is its scenic landscape of European lands where you fight through numerous battles along with defeating un-dead hordes and vampire eviction. Another plus point is that you can also develop your own combat style by upgrading and updating weapons and inventories.

Iron Blade Medieval RPG Gameplay

As the level of the game increases new weapons and armors unlocks. Although you are not given different characters to choose from but the one character that is offered is quite comprehensive on its own.

What acts as a cherry on top is the look and armor of the character. All of which can be customized and upgraded along with the feature of special attacks. Befitting enough, the character also has some specific finishing moves along with magic spells and some special set of skills to attack the enemy.

Most importantly, you can also find and achieve number of important items and manage them for improving castle defenses and protection. On the plus side, these castle defenders can be upgraded and enhanced.

Iron Blade Medieval RPG loadout

That’s not all, Iron Blade also offers both PvE and PvP modes of gaming. You can participate in combats by making allies or by being allies with others for the better performance.

Moreover, different cards are available for upgrading weapons such as; blades, axe, armor and bow and arrow. Numerous active and passive skills can also be improved and upgraded; additionally, many events and campaigns are also available in Iron Blade .

After each battle, special rewards are prized to you, including; gems, gold, cards, armory and inventories. However, the gems or rubies can help to unlock premium items in the game.

Iron Blade Medieval RPG social

Although Iron Blade is available free on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes but there are still few in game items and inventories that can be bought for real money. Cheers!

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