What’s worse than having your car crash in a middle of a night? Crashing on a zombie infested field. That’s right! So, buckle up and start running, before you are a nice, meaty feast for the zombies. Slash, and smash your way through the world of undead in PIKPOK latest creationInto the Dead 2.

Into the Dead 2 is a sequel to an immensely popular Into the Dead that just launched. However, the game premise remains the same. Save your family amidst a zombie apocalypse and everything in your power to survive. Put your best foot forward as you step into a world full of hungry zombies ready to feast on you.

The game follows the same plot as its prequel. It’s an endless running game where you run through different environments, carrying different weapons, making different companions, and killing as many zombies as you can. Fire from the military camps, slay from atop vehicles, or stab them to rescue others. Basically, all you have to do is to run as far as you can before you become a zombie meal.

Into The Dead 2 Zombies

Choose your path in 7 action packed chapters, 60 stages, and multiple challenges in an ever gripping environment that lets you discover different military bases, campsites, oil fields and other communities.

But have you checked the crates yet? Do it, do it right now! Find weapons from the supply crates randomly. Unlock new deadly weapons to fend off all the zombie threats.

Plenty of missions, plenty of action! The game’s mission set tells you all you are going to face in the game next, and all you are required to do next.

Into The Dead 2 Weapons

What sets this game’s controls apart from most action games is that you can choose how you want to play. Whether you are comfortable in tilting the screen, or whether you want to use the simple Left and Right controls. Choose what you like, and slay the zombies using the game controls like a pro.

Be as deadly as you want to be in different modes of the game. Fight the zombies in the classic mode, or massacre them all, no mercy. Want to challenge the fighter in you? Play the Hardcore mode or the Flashlight mode and see if you have the guts to survive the dark night. Use your skills to get rewards and prizes in daily and special events mode of the game.

Into The Dead 2 Gameplay

On a scale of 1 to 10, how armed are you to face the dead army? Equip different perks to fight the dead. Choose different weapons so you are ready to kill, or get an ammo boost that gives you extra ammunition to fight. Whoa, there’s more to it! Equip more weapon crates, or find yourself a companion that kills zombies.

Find out how far are you willing to risk your life in order to survive the zombie drama by downloading the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes! So load your guns, and start running now!

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