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Hello, gamers! Its time to charge yourself with a simple relaxing game that will challenge your brain, and bring the creativity out! Infinity Loop: Energy is the perfect game to boost you up after a stressful day through a series of infinite levels created by none other than Infinity Games.

While we do realize it’s hard to get over endless violence, and action-packed games, but sometimes you need to let all that go, and ease your brain a bit. So, why don’t you start creating intricate patterns? Connect all the lightning bolts and make fun out of it, so let’s give you a sneak peek into the game.

Infinity Loop: Energy Gameplay

Infinity Loop: Energy is a blend of the previous hits by the developers; Infinity Loop, Infinity Loops HEX, and the current stream. However not much has changed since the first game.

In Infinity Loop: Energy, you have to create intricate patterns in relaxing environment. You will create the patterns by changing directions of the curves. Just rotate the bits and pieces unless they are all connected. The fragments are either in a straight line or curved lines that you have to connect. Connect all the lines and corners and make connections that are perfect and that light the whole circuit up.

A fine blend of imagination, design, art, vision and metaphysics!

Unleash the inner artist in you as you create small pieces of art by connect all the wires with the energy sources. The game is set on a minimalist approach so there’s not much going on simultaneously and you only have to worry about the loop and the circuit. Once you connect all the wires with the energy sources, you will be able to see the figure behind it.

Infinity Loop: Energy is the kind of game that is easy yet its tricky making each level a bit challenging to complete. The initial levels may seem easy, but you are going to scratch your head a lot once you proceed in the game.

Plenty of Complex Levels!

The fun begins when the complex levels of the game start. Rotate the objects left, right and center and try to connect the wires so the energy can pass through them. Once the circuit is complete, you will know as all the bulbs get illuminated.

Complete the various circuits like bulbs, wires and lightning bolts in the game, and proceed on the next levels. The best thing about this relaxing gaming experience is that you can get it endlessly. The game features infinite levels that enable you to play for as long as you can without repeating any level. How cool is that?

Unlock new levels!

Unblock as many pieces of art as you can and continue your relaxing journey. Although the game aims at providing you a smooth sail, but once in a while, it gets on your nerves, when you try to rotate the lines and curves and form every shape hence and forth, but you fail. But a little challenge hurts no one, right?

Soothing Gaming Experience!

The game is set in an extremely soothing environment where the audio-visual package will blow you away. The graphics are aesthetically pleasing, and the ambient soundtrack is smooth enough to let you sail smoothly through the game.

If you are looking for a new game that will help you relax, Infinity Loop: Energy is the way to go. You can get this pleasing experience without having to spend a buck as the game is absolutely free to play.

So, head over to the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes and download the game right away to give yourself a boost. Have fun playing!

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