Hotel Hideaway is now Out

Jump into a vibrant and lovely world and enjoy a social adventure like no other as Social RPG Hotel Hideaway is now Out and Running! It’s time to leave your mark wherever you go in this 3D live role-playing game by Sulake Corporation Oy. If you are tired of the chaos, then this game is a perfect getaway for you.

The game takes you to Hotel Hideaway that’s full to the brim with fun activities, and adventures where you will enjoy oodles of fun. Become a fashion icon among your companions and reflect your personal style in the avatar you choose.

Become the most popular guest of Hotel Hideaway by chatting with other guests, making new friends and influencing them. So, explore the hotel, complete daily tasks, and leave your mark in the fun RPG, by downloading the game from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. For more on the game, check out OXI Review! Enjoy!

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