Step in the world of Valkyries, fight against the mighty Honkai, and cling to survival with Honkai Impact 3 as the biggest threat to human civilization has descended upon your beautiful world. Now, it’s three girls VS the powerful beasts, and deadwalkers. How far can they resist?

MiHoYo Limited is back with a bang, with a promising sequel to the popular manga series that was only available in Chinese, but now, finally, the developers have rolled out the game for the English speaking audiences. So, let’s give you a quick review of the highly anticipated game, shall we? But before we embark Honkai’s Review, do check out OXiDroid’s Recommended Games and explore Awesome Apps to kill your time.

Honkai Impact 3 GamePlay

Honkai Impact 3 follows the journey of the 3 Valkyries land and their adventures through different stages, different stories to revive the beauty of the world.

As for the gameplay, Al Chan – your guide in the game won’t let you get lost in the crazy world. Listen to her instructions as she guides you step by step in the battlefield with Kiana, Mei and Bronya.

You will compete against the enemy till one of the parties loses all its HP, and the other one emerges victorious. So, keep an eye on your HP bar and the enemy’s as well and knock them dead.

Use of Skills & Combos

Guide the Valkyries through the toughest scenarios using unique skills and combinations. Take the enemy down with Chain attacks. You can experiment them by simply tapping the attack button twice. Then tap the attack button, and hold it to completely destroy the enemy using your skills.

Don’t let your guard down ever in the game as the enemy is powerful. Cast your ultimate skill when the SP bar is full.

Simple game controls for better fun

Use the virtual joystick to move around in the game. To attack the enemies, tap the attack icon button on the bottom right of your screen. Use the attack button to automatically lock the target.

If the enemy’s too strong, and you want to avoid getting hurt, EVADE. The evade icon is right next to the attack one on your screen but you can’t evade the battlefield twice until it cools down.

Find out all your missions as a hero on a journey to save the world by checking out the Missions tab. Every time you complete a mission, you get to can claim amazing rewards.

Upgrade your Arsenal

Enhance the weapons that you earn as rewards for knocking the enemy down like a pro. Unlock new skills, and fight the Honkai together with your friends.

Let’s talk about the epic game modes. Play the game in Normal mode if you are a newbie, play the game in Hard mode if you think you have got the skills, and then there’s also the Supreme mode that will test you at its best.

Earn new stigmas, materials and weapons like pistols, canons etc as rewards. Materials like crystals can enhance your pistols so select multiple crystals to make your weapons lethal.

Check out the mysterious patterns left behind the brave servants who fought the Honkai, and control their energy. Acquire stigma whenever you can, as it’s crucial in becoming more powerful.

Oxi Verdict

When there’s plenty of combats to indulge in, and skills to use, it’s hard to put the phone down. The great game graphics, and hand drawn game art only adds to the beauty of it. So, unfold the secrets of Honkai, and the mysteries of the land by download the game from Google Play Store right away. Don’t forget to visit OxiDroid Homepage or Oxi Action’s Tab to get latest update on the gaming world.

Have fun!

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