With this epic endless gameplay, make your heart skip a beat. Have an adventure of a lifetime, with cool cars and fast paced action. Unleash your power and get your battery fully charged because dude, this game is super addictive. Highway Traffic Racer Planet developed by isTom Games, would surely give you an adrenaline rush.

Imagine yourself racing swiftly and speedily on a highway with almost no end in sight. Run through the road, bumping into dangerous obstacles, traffic and on your way explore an adventurous mini planet.

Your main aim and goal throughout Highway Traffic Racer Planet is to make your mark on the leaderboard, striving for the ultimate speed, being the best driver on the road. Moreover, try to be as competitive as you can, but don’t be too harsh on yourself. Make room for a little fun as well, which is the ultimate purpose of the game.


Seems, frustrating, but don’t worry, the colorful landscapes and stunning bright flashy colors would give you a soothing effect. The 3 D graphics featured in the game are enough to keep you going throughout the gameplay.

Choose from among three different modes and a range of 12 cool cars. But, be prepared for some intensive bumping and knock offs. Obviously its a racing game and you definitely would not be expecting anything less. In addition, it gets hilarious at times so you won’t miss out the fun element anywhere.

Its thrilling, exciting, invigorating and much more. You will also be provided with maps, perks and three modes. So, earn coins as you move across the highway, striving to reach the end. The controls are swift and cool. Tilt and touch to steer your vehicle. Be prepared to get hooked up, because this is simply addictive and engrossing.


Overtake other cars in high speeds, maintaining your speed and control. With challenging missions and customization options, enjoy the game fully. Buy new paint jobs, rims and items for your car. Don’t forget, the faster you drive, the higher the score.  Moreover, overtaking with high speed, would give you bonuses.On your way, as you earn more coins and perks, you can unlock more cars, maps and even other customized items.

So, get your devices ready for an optimal experience. It is highly recommended that you opt for the best option. Download Highway Traffic Racer Planet from Google Play or Apple iTunes store on the platform of your choice, preferably one that has a high power resistance and battery capacity. Enter at your own risk, because this is simply exotic.

Good luck!

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