Man or Vampire

Are you looking for a solid RPG to journey to a mysterious world? Say no more! HIDEA’s RPG Man or Vampire is Out & Running!  Your adventure to become the king of the paradise begins in this latest run role playing game where you step into the world of the dead souls.

Here, you journey into a mysterious world to save the endangered paradise, and become the king. Players will set out on an adventure to annihilate the epic bosses in various dungeons. You will join hands with your peers to take on the monsters together.

Grow up your main character, learn advanced skills from your colleagues, and enjoy the epic combat. You can use a number of skills to take the monsters down, and the dungeon bosses down. So, kill them all to save the world by downloading the game from Google Play Store now. If you want to know all about the gameplay, head over to read Oxidroid Review. Cheers!

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