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Warriors, Show off your skills on battlefield, and dominate the arena! Do you have what it takes to be the greatest warrior? If yes, then dive right into 5v5 battles in Heroes of Warfare. Rule the battlefield using different heroes, all equipped with with distinctive abilities. Fight the enemy on beautiful maps, using the intuitive control systems that will take your FPS adventure to a whole new level.

Get your hands on a great blend of First Person Shooting and MOBA games, where you compete with the enemy to capture the objective point, hold on to it, and save it from further attacks.  Shooting games on smart phone was never this fun! The game by 4399EN GAME lets you choose your skill level to help you match rivals, and show the warrior in you to the enemy.

Heroes of Warfare Battles

Play using simple joystick controls on both sides of the screen, where you move your character with the left hand, aim and fire with the right hand. Slide on the right side of the screen to control your visual field and aim at the blue objects.  Drag the button on the right side and aim the crosshair at the blue cursor. Slide on the left side of your screen to move. Follow indicator arrows and move to target location. Simple, isn’t it?

To kill the enemies, slide on the right side of your screen to aim and tap fire to shoot. Tap and hold to continuously fire. Shoot down targets and fire with assault rifle to eliminate enemies.  You can always reset the controls and customize them.

Are you ready to train your characters for the epic battles? In the training camp, you will learn basic movements and battle abilities from the best warrior. Choose a character in the game. The character’s primary weapon is auto assault rifle that can fire continuously. Move to appropriate position, aim enemy using your skills. Capture objectives by moving in the range.

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Got skills? HEGrenade is your character’s main attack still, fire a HE Grenade, and blast AOE damage to the target area. Adrenaline is a heal skill that one can use to recover a character’s HP. Ultimate ability full power is able to summon 2 floating cannons that automatically targets enemies in sight. Deploy it to eliminate as many enemies as possible.

What’s even interesting is that you can play the game in any mode, whether it’s a quick match or a casual mode. Win a few battles, and you can unlock the rank battles mode as well. So, what are you waiting for?

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Gold, and more gold! Whether it’s the battles, or daily quests, or even corps competition, shooting an enemy or two will get you plenty of gold in the game. But that’s not it. There are plenty of quests that you can complete to earn gold and others rewards. Claim your rewards from the daily quests, or get the growth rewards by leveling up in the game. Grab the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes right now for a unique shooting experience.

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