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Well, not every RPG game that is released contains as much diversity, ease, attraction and above all intensity in it as this new Role Playing Game by DIVMOB is able to hold. The game is named Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight and there absolutely no doubt that this game is just SUPERB.

The overall gameplay is not only thrilling but the features infused in this game are also amazing. There are numerous things to do and explore in the game and when it comes to the controls of the game, I am greatly pleased.

So, let’s have a look at the game in detail and see what more it has to offer us.

Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight – Gameplay & Walkthrough

The game was able to grasp my attention even from the very start; the reason was the stunning visual quality that the game holds. Moreover, the extensive gameplay features and possibilities offered in the game are superbly crafted.

There are so many things to do in the game; not only that you must fight battles with the enemy but you must also keep on unlocking many powerful heroes, each one having abilities of their own. Also, you can explore extensively created game modes along with guild and arena system in PvP.

Form a Powerful Team

You can add up to four characters in your team; however, Achilles remains the main hero throughout and the other heroes that you unlock act as passive partner to you.  Not to mention, Achilles bears one active and few other passive attacks which needs charging once they are used.

Same is the case with the other heroes in your team; once you use their skill on eth battle ground, it will need few seconds to charge their attack before you can use it again.

However, there are immense options on the characters that you can unlock in Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight. Keep on unlocking more and more characters so that you know which character is most apt to use on the battleground. Not to forget, you must Power Up, Rank up, Tier Up and Gear Up the heroes that you possess so that their abilities sand skill get a boost and they attack the enemy with even more intensity.

The Intense Strategic Battles

The real-time combat system furnished under RPG environment makes the battles extremely fun. Based on strategic planning there are number of ways to win the battle. Use you active skill until you don’t see any serious threat but once you are face to face with the boss enemy then use all the passive skills that you can to end foe’s game.

However, you can use the skills of other heroes when need be as initially the battles in Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight are not as difficult as they will be once you move ahead in the game.

Adventure Mode

The grandeur of the game cannot be doubted as there are the game modes that just blew my mind away. The adventure mode alone holds various more modes having multiple levels in them. These stages are not only diverse from one another but they hold great deal of entertainment and fun in it for the players.

There various stages, such as; Normal Campaign, Elite Campaign, Heroes Hunt, Super Boss, Star Gate, Heroes Challenge and Skyscraper, available in the game possessing diverse experience in each one.

Online Mode

Well, when it comes to the PvP mode, there is no disappointed that we see. Number of further options is provided in the online mode for the players to explore the PvP world in detail and in all possible ways. There is Arena, Boss Party, Global Boss, PvP, Grand Arena and Colony available under this mode where you will be facing new experiences each time.

Daily rewards and Shop

As many other games, there is a reward for logging in daily in Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight. Log in everyday and take benefit of various rewards that the game holds for you to collect and use. Nevertheless, there is a Random Shop from where you can buy multiple stuff and items that you may need to upgrade your hero or to unlock number of modes in the game.

The Rich Graphics and Smooth Controls

Trust me, I found nothing that I didn’t like about this game. The gameplay is perfect, the game modes are out of the world, the battles are fun and to top it off DIVMOB added one of the best graphical content in the game for the players to witness.

That’s not it! I was actually amazed to see the simplicity and ease that is given to the game controls. The controls work absolutely smoothly and they just makes you smile and gives you are reason to come back to play the game over and over again.

How to Download

To download Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight simply visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and experience the world where excitement is the only resident.


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