Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight BETA is Out

Hola Heroes! Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight Beta is out, bringing one of the best real-time RPG Strategy right at your doorstep. DIVMOB has devised a super fun and super cool gameplay in this game where not only the gameplay features are astonishing but the overall mechanism of the game is also astounding. We loved it!

Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight Gameplay – A little Insight

The game is all about fights and battles; it is crammed with many intense and dynamic real-time combats where you must unlock numerous heroes to put them together to create a powerful and intimidating team.

Prepare your heroes in all possible ways and plan out the game strategically to ultimately win the war. Also, there are multiple exciting gameplay modes infused in the game for you to explore, such as; Adventure Mode, Skyscraper, Star Gates, Training Field, Boss Party and Super Boss. The options are immense!

Well, that’s not the best part; the PvP battles inculcated in the game makes the whole experience more surreal. So, visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to download the beta of Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight.

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