Guess the Logo 2

Have you heard about the new logo guessing game? Well, if you still haven’t played Guess the Logo: Ultimate Quiz then what are you even doing, guys? Go ahead and read the whole review for this game just in case you want to read all about it.

Logos Box released their new Guess the Logo: Ultimate Quiz which is similar to their last game called Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz. Now, you must be thinking why do these two games sound alike? Well, Guess the Logo: Ultimate Quiz is a game where you will be able to choose from the 4 options whereas in Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz you had to select from the given letters.

Guess the Logo

The game by Logos Box is surely going to get you hooked with its amazing gameplay. It has tons of levels which contain more than 1550 brand logos which need to be solved. Moreover, you can also sync this game with your Facebook or Google +account.

The good news is – Guess the Logo: Ultimate Quiz just Got a New Update which is to retry a level without waiting and it has also added correct answer streaks in the stats dialog. A lot more fun has been added to give you an amazing gaming experience.

Go get this game on Google Play Store for your Android phones and dive into the world of logos.

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