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Up the Wall is a very unique and classy game by the developers of “Rolling Sky”. This game is developed by Turbo Chilli with a new and unique concept which you don’t find in most of the games.

This is a very mind boggling game which will play a lot with your mind. In order to play this game, you have to make your brain a lot more active. That is because the gameplay will keep you engaged. This is a very challenging game which will not let you leave the game half way through. If you do so, you will be always curious to know what could have happened next.

The gameplay of this game is very unique with cute graphics that will be a very pleasant sight to your eyes. The game starts off with a prize which means you can win exciting prizes for yourself by picking up the mysterious box with the claw using some force. Your prize will surely be helpful for you in the game and anyway who doesn’t love free prizes? The next thing that you got to do is to choose the difficulty level whether it may be Easy, Medium or Hard. You can start with the “Easy” mode first and learn about the game. Once, you think you have really mastered the game then you can move to the “Hard” mode of the game.

Up the wall

Up the Wall is based on the board concept so when you finally start playing it, you will see a character moving on a surface which has tiles over it with striking colors. The path keeps on changing directions and you will also have to move above the wall as the name suggests.

While playing the game, make sure your concentration level is right there because you will have to move really fast once an obstacle comes. Your path will be loaded with different kinds of obstacles which will make it hard for you to move forward. You will also notice a percentage below the screen which keeps on increasing as you move forward. Once, it is on the 100% after 2 minutes and 30 seconds then your board will change with a totally different stage.

The amazing part about this game is that it has a lot of different stages as you keep on clearing a specific stage without losing. Now, the tricky part here is IF YOU REALLY SURVIVE! Well, if you don’t last in the game for 2 minutes and 30 seconds or till the bar is fully-loaded below, the bad news is your game will start all over again from the start. This can be a little annoying because you might have reached at 97% but will have to start from the scratch again. Who would want that?

So, if you don’t want that, keep avoiding the obstacles that come in your way really quick. The low poly 3D graphics, the music and the colorful stages will keep you engaged and make this game an exciting experience. There is no rocket science needed for playing this game and unlike other games you don’t have to press a lot of keys. The only thing that you have to do is to SWIPE left and right or wherever you want to move your character in order to avoid an obstacle. Nothing else will be required from the player except the Swiping force which is pretty cool.

This game has a really cool concept which won’t let you leave the game incomplete. So what are you waiting for? Just go and download this game right away from Google Play Store or App Store without wasting any more time. All the best!

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