Big City Life: Simulator is a wonderfully created master piece of art and technology. The plot revolves around the concept featuring a young guy from a small town. This guy makes his way into a new bigger city. Now, here he faces the problem of survival. In order to make his living he starts from the scratch, switches job and makes several moves. Slowly and gradually he makes his way up the ladder. Big City Life : Simulator has been developed by CactusGamesCompany. So, Get a height of social experience with Big City Life: Simulator. 

For that purpose, you have to help this guy make his ends meet. In the beginning you will be designing your avatar, which is pretty customizable. So, you have the option to dress your character as per your liking. Secondly, you will select a career path for your avatar.

With this intention in mind, level up, progress, gain experience and make your way through. meanwhile, you will be completing a lot of tasks and going through a lot of exciting things. For instance, you will making friends on your way and having coffee with them. And yes, for certain items you need to have cash and that you will acquire from different jobs. Moreover, you can also spend money on decorative items for your avatar, such as dressing yourself in different outfits. etc.

Big city life simulator

Big City Life is a highly social game, wanting you to interact with multiple people, make decisions, take corrective actions and earn a living. Overall, the game is quite entertaining and exciting with beautiful avatars and places to visit. the graphics are quite happening. However, there are certain elements of the game which are not up to the mark. At times, you might find the game frustrating. the touch system gets annoying at times. Moreover, the game gets slow at times and it becomes difficult sometimes to select certain items.

But on the whole its a good time pass and a good learning and socializing experience. Its pretty non violent and streamlined. You get to visit different amazing places and meet various people. All in all, its a good RPG game overall. If you are a social person and love fun based RPGs you must give it a try. With absolute freedom of action, unleash your potential and master the game.

Get hold of Big City Life right now and enter into an amazing social world.


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