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If dragons inspire you then you have landed at the right place. Enjoy this multiplayer game with 3 D technology, providing the right kind of entertainment for you. Dragons with beautiful colors and characters compete with each other trying to take the leap forward. So step ahead and enjoy League of Dragons: The Ultimate Dragon Zone developed by Social Point. Get a Dragon simulator experience with this epic game play “League of Dragons”.

Choose the right kind of dragon for you and devise spells and defense mechanisms to win. Take on a league at a time, crushing the castles of opponent dragons and fight for resources. Strive hard to become the champion of the game.  Form consortium with other partners to share cards, plan, make strategies and win special quests and rewards.

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Once you take the lead, you will be ready to train other dragons on a group of fancy islands surrounding your castle. You will have the authority to order them and keep them in your custody.

The game revolves around the plot of trying to become a champion of the league, gaining resources, trophies from the battles between dragons. On your way you will be collecting gold  and use it to upgrade your card. In essence, train the dragons in your ownership to produce more gold in order to acquire more points in your card.

Deploy your dragons now and achieve your goal by destroying the enemy dragons. Become a master of the dragon league. Deploying dragons costs mana, which refills automatically during the battle.

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Learn how to use different kinds of spells and defense tactics to combat the battle and strive to be a champion of the game. Make alliances or join a group gathering resources. Rated for 7 plus, this game offers only mild violence level suitable for young players.

Download now and play for free, however for some items you will need real money. You can get this game on Android/iOS and enjoy playing it on your smartphone & tablet devices. Entice your senses with this mild simulator experience right now.


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