Gardius Empire

Warriors, enter the legendary world of Heroes, and rewrite the fate of your empire as Gamevil launches Gardius Empire Globally. The all new MMORPG takes you on a journey to become the supreme commander as you battle for the throne.

Gardius Empire takes players to the world of medieval gods and heroes, where you fight the ultimate battle for the throne. As you battle with and against players worldwide, you will hunt monsters, and mine resources.

Although it’s a mobile MMORPG, the game incorporates some RPG, and empire building elements well. In this tactical game, players must build their own army, form a team of legendary heroes, and fight the monsters.

Alongside the combat filled adventure where you summon heroes, and conquer the Royal palace, the game also offers a stunning visual experience. As the game has now launched globally, you can head over to Google Play Store now to download the game. Cheers!

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