With the finale of season 7, the fans of Game of Thrones are in the state of melancholy. The speculations for next season’s release is late in 2018 or early in 2019. So, to make the wait a little endurable, Warner Bros have come up with Game of Thrones: Conquest to please the fans.

It is a game that is based on the series and is expected to be the next big thing in the Android gaming world. Although, the game is still in it’s preregister mode for $50 but a lot of audience, including me, are already quite thrilled about the release.

What makes the preregister mode more exciting – The alluring gifts that the game offers in exchange. These special gifts include; The Exclusive Night’s Watch Training Gear like, The Black of the Night’s Watch Chest Piece, The Sword in the Darkness and The Watcher on the Walls Helmet. That’s not all, there are about 2 Million Resources (1,000,000 Food and 1,000,000 Wood), 500 Gold and 24 Hours’ Worth of Speedups, implanted in the game.

Game of Thrones Conquest news

Still not impressed? You will be as Game of Thrones: Conquest lets you explore the world of Game of Thrones as the head of a house, eventually, letting you plan the strategical fight for the crown. So, capture iconic seats of power and navigate the dodgy political landscape of Westeros, forge strategic alliances with friends, and outsmart your rival by planning strategically to sit on the Iron Throne.

All hail to king in the making and wait for the game to be released officially. However, in the meantime, Pre-Register for Game of Thrones: Conquest to see if it really offers a substantial MMO strategic experience. Fingers crossed!

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