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Build an ultimate deck of the mightiest heroes, and challenge players across the globe in epic real time matches. It’s time to enjoy the best FPS experience in the all new best hero shooter FRAG Pro Shooter. Are you ready to make your mark as a hero, and become a super star?

FRAG Pro Shooter is an action packed game created by Oh BiBi that sees players fighting in epic real time duels. We have seen some great FPS action in Heroes of Warfare, and Sniper Strike: Special Ops, so let’s find out if FRAG Pro Shooter offers the same experience in this game walkthrough.

FRAG Pro Shooter Gameplay, Walkthrough, & Review

FRAG Pro Shooter is a mix of Clash Royale games where you use your characters to destroy the opponent’s structure, and common shooter games where you enjoy FPS action. The game focuses on challenge, and battle royale battles through the game content. Once you choose your character, you enter the battles, and fight against players in real time battles.

Assemble a mighty squad!

Create your ultimate battle deck, and wreck havoc on your enemies. Here, you will get the chance to build your battle deck that suits your style; from offensive, defensive, or balanced. The options are endless as players will be able to choose from 40 unique heroes to build their battle deck.

Each character has unique abilities, and powers that can turn the tide of battles. Try all the abilities and unique combos, as well as upgrade your characters to make them more lethal for the battles.

Real time duels!

The gameplay is all about targeting the enemy bases, and not letting them get to you. FRAG Pro Shooter features short, but intense real time 1v1 matches where you will challenge thousands of players. You will start off by assembling your squad, and choosing your location. The game will find the perfect match for you to fight in 1v1 battles.

Use the virtual joystick to move around in the game, and scavenge through the game map to find enemies to kill. Every time you aim at an enemy, it shoots automatically.

Players will control their character in the first person view. The battles are not very hard to grasp, as your characters shoot automatically.

To get an edge over the enemies in the intense battles, make sure you switch your heroes rapidly and get the advantage. Use shield to avoid the enemy attacks, but even if you lose the battles at any point, you can respawn instantly as another character.

Become a superstar!

Another fun element of FRAG Pro Shooter is that players will get to make friends and rivals in the game to become a super star. Expand your fan base as you proceed in the game to become popular. Furthermore, you can also join a club, or create one of your own to become a famous team.

Record and share your games and deck, and check the combat of others to learn, grow and become better.


Accomplish all the missions the game provides you to get some amazing rewards. Every time you conquer an arena, the game rewards you with chests, coins, and other gifts that help you clear the levels easily. Chests are full of new, and better cards for you that you can use to upgrade your heroes.

If you are looking for a fine FPS experience, then FRAG Pro Shooter is definitely worth a shot. Download the game from Google Play Store now. Have fun!

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