FortCraft Soft Launched

Gamers, it’s make or break time as the latest action game FortCraft by NetEase Games has been soft launched. With several epic survival games to its name, NetEase has yet again developed a thrilling survival game.

FortCraft NetEase Soft Launched


FortCraft takes its inspiration from Fortnite and the gameplay is just as the popular game, coming to your mobiles soon. The gameplay of FortCraft, however, is quite easy to grasp – your only goal is to survive by outsmarting the enemies. You will not only wreck havoc on the enemies using your unique weapons, but you will also build different structures such as forts to protect yourself from the enemy fires.

So scavenge for resources, kill all the enemies, form unbreakable defenses and survive. Do you want to check out the full descriptive review of the game? Head over to OXI review, or download the game from Google Play Store now as the game has now been soft-launched. Cheers!


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