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3, 2, 1.. Start smashing! Can you smash your way through the destructible world, and cling to victory? Gamers, NetEase is back with their latest action packed title, and it is everything you hoped for. If you are a fan of all the survival titles that NetEase Games has brought for us so far, it’s your lucky day as they just announced their latest title FortCraft’s beta version is up for grabs now!

NetEase has claimed huge success with battle royale titles such as the Rules of Survival, and Knives Out, but we will have to see if this latest title lives up to its hype or not. The game has been soft-launched, and will officially launch for gamers all around the world soon.

From what we have gathered so far, FortCraft is a rip off to the immensely popular game Fortnite by Epic Games, which is still some months away from making it to the Android devices. With FortCraft, NetEase has attempted to bring all the elements of Fortnite to the device, way before Epic Games.

It was only last week when Epic Games announced that they would be bringing the battle royale game to the Android and iOS devices soon, but NetEase was quick to jump in, and announce their latest title FortCraft’s Beta Version registration is now open.

FortCraft Gameplay, Walkthrough and Review!

FortCraft is a crafting survival battle royale that’s just as much as the previous survival battle royale games by NetEase. The game is quite easy to play, all thanks to the straight-forward gameplay that only requires a few minutes to get hang of the game.

In FortCraft, the players enter a 100-player battleground where survival is not an easy job. Defending yourself from the enemy attacks is only possible by building your own forts. Like any other survival game, the last player standing wins.

The battleground has an amusement park theme, where players will be dropped into a 4×4 km map. While a total of 100 players will fight to cling to victory, only one player will claim the glory.

Smash everything that comes your way!

The game features fully destructible environments where you can smash anything and everything that comes between you and your victory. Grab your trusty hammer, and smash the vehicles, the trees, buildings or anything in your way to collect materials.

Scavenge for resources!

Tear down structures, and dismantle different buildings to get materials. The materials you acquire will help you build a fortress.

Build structures to pave your way to victory!

FortCraft features some mass building elements in the game. What’s fun about this survival experience is that here, in this game, players will be able to set up their own defense structures on the go, and gather necessary materials to craft the defenses as well.

Build a solid fortress to stay protected from the enemy attacks, and get that final win. Customized construction helps you build complex structures in the battlefield.

You will also be able to build structures any time you desire, and in whatever shape you want them. Remove any obstacles that come in your way such as the high mountains, the rivers, and many others. Build ladders to conquer the mountains, build bridges to cross the rivers, and keep moving in the game.

Unique and special weapons to choose from!

Get armed to the teeth, and choose from plenty of unique weapons from five classes such as pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, sniper, or rifle. But that’s not it, the game also provides you with special weapons in the game such as the grenade launchers, the flamethrowers, and bazookas as well to knock the enemies dead.

Play your way with THREE game modes!

Play the game whatever way you want – there are three game modes to choose from in the game as per your liking.

More functions launching!

While the game has only been launched in the beta version so far, as soon as the game officially launches for all the gamers out there, you will be able to enjoy plenty of other features as well such as the Ranked Seasons, Friends, more look, gallery, and chat functions as well. Discover all the features of the game, and enjoy the thrilling experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you explore the colorful and fun world as well? Download the game from Google Play Store right away! Cheers!

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