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Welcome to the dark side. May the force be with you in this adventure against the darkness! So brace yourself, fight back and help Flora chase the darkness away in this new adventure thriller Flora and the Darkness.

This tale by 1DER Entertainment takes you back in time when darkness had spread across the planet, and the light beings were trapped with only one survivor; Flora.  Now it’s up to Flora to flee the darkness and ensure that her mother’s sacrifice doesn’t go in vain.

In this 2D side-scrolling platform game Flora and the Darkness, you have to reach the ancient gates of each level safely, before darkness snares you. Jump through different platforms but avoid bumping into the darkness by simple one-touch tap controls.

Claim life cells during the game while you are jumping through different obstacles. The tree of life can convert the life cells to lives that will help you play again even if you lose all your lives in the game.

Flora and the Darkness Game

Acquire light boosters that can speed up the process. The light can not only be used to obtain new lives, it also gets you life cells. Along the way, acquire different skills from the Light God and special plants to keep you going without getting swallowed up by the darkness.

Life creation tree keeps you alive in the game by helping you acquire new lives. It converts energies into lives to play you stay longer in the game. While you are jumping, avoiding the darkness, you may as well run into the surprise box. Open it to claim your reward like life cells, or lives in the game.

Ran out of lives to play the game? Don’t worry! You can always get more lives by watching 30 seconds videos in the game that earn you upto 8 lives. The game is free to play for all the gamers, however, if you can’t resist getting more lives, you can get light by spending some real life money on it.

Flora and the Darkness Platforms

The game is all about the right timing. Jump a little early and you will fall in the darkness. Jump a little late and your fate would be the same. So sharp reflexes, and right timings can take you farther in the game.

Visually, the game is captivating. The graphics of the game are artistic to say the least and get you hooked to the game instantly. To fight the darkness, grab the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes right away.May light prevail!

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