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The ultimate martial arts game coupled with a compelling storyline is here! Play this amazing new action packed game by Touchten and see what it takes to save the children from the chemically infused food items. Fist of Rage Launched on Android recently, offers intense martial arts experience with some gunfire thrills to save the world from intoxicated wastes.

The game is expected to fly high as it provides you with a well crafted gameplay. You need to save the anti-virus research by Chikka from the evil enemy, in need to save the society from the deadly virus. Deddy is striving hard to do all that he can by inculcating his martial arts skills.

Along the way, collect many powerful boosters, buy many guns and use them all to destroy and diminish the enemy. Moreover, save yourself from falling down the pit onto the electric field and don’t forget – punch them all down.

Sadly, the game is filled with many annoying ads; nevertheless, in order to get rid of them, go premium now and divulge into the intense fighting experience without any breaks.

In addition, Read more about Fist of Rage on the Detailed Article available on our site and don’t miss out on anything.

Importantly, to download the game on your devices, visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and install the fun directly into your lives.


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