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Do you have what it takes to save the world from the evil clutches of the intoxicated waste produced by industries? I hope you do! As Deddy, the retired MMA fighter is on his way to save the society from the cheap and poisonous food items in Fist of Rage and yeah you guessed it right, you have been nominated to help him.

Fist of Rage lets you experience martial arts as you jump into many thrilling fights, using either fists or at times rip-roaring guns. It has recently been Released by Touchten, substantial enough to provide a galvanic gameplay and an intense storyline.

Let’s dig the storyline a little deeper. The story revolves around saving the world from the deadle virus, intended to intoxicate everyone on purpose. So, to fight the virus, Chika – the clumsy scientist, discovers an anti-virus, which the enemy wants to steal.

Deddy is a strong MMA fighter, trying to run from his past and has dedicated his life for best of society. Now he has taken up the responsibility to protect the world and also yearns to guard the antidote research.

So, to achieve all that he signed up for, he needs to stay at the top of the game all the time. Enemy is continuously trying to steal away the research and Deddy needs to stop them and your task is toassist him in accomplishing his mission.

Additionally, the gameplay is positively intriguing. It is simple yet, successfully, withholds the ability to grab the audience attention. You need to move forward in the game whilst fighting the enemy. Do whatever, Punch them, kick them, kill them but take back the anti-virus research. Just don’t let them steal the GTO vaccine.

Fist of Rage gameplay

Remember, you will encounter many obstacles on your way in Fist of Rage. Let alone the continuous coming of the enemy disciples, there are many electric fields implanted to kill you if you fall off the pit. So, beware and jump to the platforms carefully.

The game is, additionally, infused with many useful boosters. Heal yourself, speed up the game or get a booster to increase your HP and see off the level as early as the blink of an eye. That’s not all! The infixed weapons and guns give the gaming experience a great abetment.

Before you divulge yourself into completing any level, missions for that particular level is directed to you. Moreover, choose any gun out of few options provided at the right of the screen and buy it use whilst fighting the big boss.

Don’t forget! The gun you buy for one level would be lost for the next one so be wise and only spend coins on the weapons that are adequate for that stage.

Fist of Rage missions

The characters option is also Mind-Bowing. There are many characters to choose from; some are offered for free while others are available for real money. However, my personal favorite is Jason. Nevertheless, all the available characters; Casual, Fighter, Formal and Jason, possess specific set of skills, health, attack power or special charge. All of which are up for upgrade in exchange of in-app currency.

Not to mention, in each game you are required to collect number of Intel along with hitting many checkpoints from where you can watch a video and earn a booster or a gun for free. Timing is you new best friend in the game; complete any particular stage in designated time to move forward.

The 2D graphics in Fist of Rage are substantial enough for what this game requires. Nonetheless, the controls are well crafted and are easy to master as you move along in the game.

Fist of Rage characters

On the other hand, the most disturbing part about this game is the unnecessary ads. However, the issue can be solved by going Premium and getting you an ad free gameplay. So, guys! Here’s a chance you to avail non-stop fun, don’t miss it.

So, if you decide to download Fist of Rage to your devices then visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and hit the fun-filled action-packed journey that this game offers.

Make sure you have what it takes to save the society and get back the research. Have a blast!

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