Food Truck Chef

Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Time is running and you have little time to prove that you are the top chef and a master of your game. Cook tons of fabulous cuisines and become a top chef. Do you fancy Chef Gordon Ramsey as we do? Or do you ever wish to toss and flip food like Jaime Oliver? Well, start now and spread the foodie craze with Food Truck Chef by the developers Nukebox Studios because life is too short for average food.

Well, the options when it comes to finding a good place to dine in are abundant but you will take things a step ahead by introducing a mobile restaurant. Sounds crazy, right? No, it isn’t. What better competitive advantage than considering the entire world as your customers, and taking your foodie craze to different continents?

Bring soul to your recipes by using the best ingredients and cook a wide range of good food like Coffee, Pizza, Sandwich, Cake, BBQ, Burgers, French Fries and much more. Sounds like a heaven for foodies and indeed it is.  The game features more than 150 dishes, but that’s not it, more dishes keep being added and there are more than 250 levels so you can’t stop and think.

Food Truck Chef achievements

Food Truck Chef will provide you all that with this game. The gameplay is just like any other cooking game. Start serving from the busiest location; Pasta Street with the help of Sara, your sous chef.  The customers will come to your truck, place an order and you have to cook the food, serve them as quick as possible so they tip you better.  Your goal would be to not return any customer without their order and make them happy.

After you clear each level, you will get level statistics so you always know how many customers have you served, and what was your earning. Better the performance, better the tips; it’s as simple as that. Claim the coins and XP you earn for completing achievements as it will help you upgrade your Food Truck. Oh, the best part is that if you don’t lose any customer for 7 days, for your culinary perfection and for every top notch performance, you get bonuses. Moreover, in the tab where you can see the achievements, you can also see your next missions so you are always ready for the day.

Food Truck Chef missions

The game is a time management one, so as a chef who has a lot to prove, you always have to be on your A game, because the stakes are high and time is short. To further up your game, upgrade your kitchen appliances and cook faster, and better.  To make your mobile restaurant look catchy for the customers, decorate your truck and attract more customers.

If you think you have what it takes to bring your Food Truck to the top, Download the game from Google Play Store now and fire up the grill.

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