Hello there racers! Fire up the engine, fasten your seat belts, and drift away all you want because we have another racing game that will make you fall in love all over again. The truth is that there’s nothing better than a racing game in leisure time, whether you want to compete with your own best, or you feel like smashing cars of people you are competing with, and with the game like Top Drives, the experience is always worth it.

Safe to say Hutch Games have nailed it with this game. Top Drives is the first automotive card collection game across the gaming world where you can build the perfect deck for yourself out of hundreds of vehicles.

Top Drives Gameplay

Unleash your cars for different races and follow the tips from the game regarding the cars you should choose for the race as well as the top speed.  Choose your cars for the races using drag drop feature.  In your first racing experience, you will compete with someone for 5 races, where you will race through different landscapes carrying different racing abilities. The highest scorer after all 5 races wins the match.

Once you have won the race, you will get rewards such as gold and trophies. These will help you enhance your deck. Start your car collection after your first race. Pick the starter pack for free. Collect the cards featuring vehicles like Mini Cooper S, Honda Prelude 2.0, Chevrolet Blazer, and Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. Once you have added these cars to your garage, you will be able to use them for your races.

Start the campaign from Midlands, UK. Beat the best racer in each country, and you will get their car in the reward. Now that’s a reward you don’t want to miss. Choose 5 cars for each race from your garage. Every win will get you a reward in the form of stars. Not only that but you will also unlock new cards that will help you upgrade your deck. You can also choose to sell some vehicles if you think they are not up to the mark.  Manage and upgrade your cars, and keep winning races in this amazing cards game.

Top Drives Racing

What makes Top Drives different from other racing games is the element where the focus is more on the vehicles and building the perfect deck rather than racing itself. No tilting and rushing through the streets, guys! Download the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now to get the ultimate experience. So what are you waiting for? Get that engine started. Happy Racing!

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