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Buckle up gamers! Get ready to go on an adventure with this amazing game that is going to get you all hooked! If you still haven’t played this game then what are you even doing? Well, Koukoi Games had released their game Ferdinand: Unstoppabull earlier this year which received a brand new update for Android and iOS devices!

Ferdinand: Unstoppabull is a puzzle game where your mission is to unravel various puzzles and have a ton of fun in this fun Match-3 puzzle game. Moreover, it is packed with hundreds of levels that won’t let you leave in the middle. Don’t forget the amazing power-ups that await you!

Now, moving towards the update! A lot of new fun features have been added to make this game a lot more fun. The new update brings a lot of improvements together with 2 new powers , combos will give coins now and some more.

You can also head over to our OXi site to get a detailed review of this game.

So, wait no more and head over to the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store to get this game on your mobile devices right away.

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