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Farming games are always very exciting and with the advent of the new Simulation Game based on farming, we have a got something that seems even better than any game that has launched before covering the same topic. Farm On! is a new and quite exciting game that is created by Cheetah Games to make sure you enjoy one of the best Simulation Games experience of all time.

The game seems a lot like Big Farm: Mobile Harvest and there is no doubt that both these games are a lot similar. You might not encounter something totally new and diverse in this game but the overall impact and the gameplay of this astounding game is still quite exhilarating and appealing.

Also the graphics and controls of the game play an important part in making this game one of the best farming games of today. So, let’s explore the gameplay in detail.

Farm On! – Gameplay & Walkthrough

Well, at start I was not expecting to have as much fun as I had after only a few minutes of playing the game. The game is sure a lot like Big Farm and HayDay but the level excitement and appeal is still there is to witness.

Although, the main objective of all these games including Farm On! is the same that is to establish a one-of-a-kind farm that anyone who sees wishes to have. Grow crops, tend to animals, decorate, build many production buildings and remember to expand you farm to make it look more beautiful and desirable.

Apart from producing goods, you must also complete various orders that you get from multiple places and complete them to earn many rewards, helpful in continuing the game. Moreover, there are plenty of other things that you might have to perform like fishing and mowing your farm. Trust me, anyone who plays the game will fall in love with it!

Creating Your Farm – The main task

Well, the game kick starts from giving you simple and un-treated farm. There is not much development in the farm when you start the game; however, a brief tutorial or guide is provided to you to make sense out of what you have to do.

You must keep in mind to complete the various tasks that you are assigned along with expanding your farm time and again.

Growing Crops & Taking Care of your Animals

Surely, there are numerous tasks available in Farm On! for you to complete. However, the main task from many other is to grow various crops like; carrot, wheat and many other fruits and vegetables. These items act as a raw material for many other products that you may have to make in future.

Moreover, the harvested crops may also act as seed to produce more of such items in the game. So, keep harvesting and keep growing.

That’s not it! There are plenty of animals that you must take care of, such as; Cows, Pigs, chicken and Sheep etc. It is imperative to tend to these animals as the by-product extracted from these animals will act as a raw material in producing many other goods.

Establishing the Production Buildings

One of the very important things to do in Farm On! is to establish many production buildings that will help you in producing many needed items. There are production buildings like; Breakfast counter, Feed Mill, Juice Bar, Fryer and many more. Each of these goods producing edifice helps in producing various items that would need the raw material that your farm crops and animals provide.

Tending to Each Order

Well, all that you produce does not go in vain. There are various orders you are required to complete in the game. The customer may ask you for multiple items and you need to make sure that you tend to each order and send it to earn coins.

However, sending each order will take a diamond from you so be careful as earning diamonds is also quite imperative to proceed in the game.

Buying and Selling

Well, apart from completing the orders of your customer, you can also buy and sell various things in the shop. If you have access of any item then you can sell it to earn some reward. All you need to do is choose the item, set the amount then decide the number of items you want to sale. That’s all! The job is done!

Soon someone will buy it and you can earn money from it. However, you can also buy different thing that you may need in the same manner by visiting the farm of your friends.

The World Map

At level 8, the world map opens up for you. It is amazing to see how you can see the farm of the players from around the world and can visit them. Visiting them comes in handy as there can be many items that the other players may have put up for sale so you can buy them to fulfill your need.

Also, find in hidden chests to earn more rewards in the game.

Decorating your Farm

There is one thing that you must keep in mind while playing Farm On!; decorating your farm is very important as it gives your farm a little edge over the farms of other. The more the farm is beautiful there more there is a chance of attracting other players towards your farm.

Upgrading building

All the building, including the storage needs to be upgraded every now and then. Collect chests or buy various items needed for upgrade and extend the production of the products that you are producing to complete bigger tasks in short span of time.

Watering the crops

Watering the crops of your farm is one thing that you should not ignore. There is a water tank available in the game through which you can keep up the watering of your farm. However, to expand the storage of water tank, you must watch a video and expand the storage. That’s all!

Download the game

To be able to Play Farm On! on your devices all you need to do is visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and download the game for free.

Happy Farming!

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