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Who in the world is not aware about Disney? It is something that is popular all over the world and no matter what your age is, you will surely have something to do with Disney at one point or another in your life. Disney Magical Dice is an enchanting board game developed by Netmarble Games where you will get to see a lot of your favorite Disney characters.

The gameplay of this game is quite simple with a small set of rules. How can you expect a Disney game to have bad graphics? Well, that is next to impossible so expect some really good graphics from the Disney Magical Dice. First of all as the game begins all you have to do is select your favorite Disney character from many which will be playing for you through the entire game. You can set up a profile manually or you can connect your Facebook profile at the start to get your game connected to the Facebook.

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After selecting the character you will be setting up its name which is a quite simple process. You will get to see a screen with various options including Shop, Inventory, Play, Ranking, Collection and some more. You can see that here are various gaming modes when you click the Play button like Multiplayer and Single Player which further have some more modes in them. The only problem is those modes will be locked as you are a beginner. You can unlock those modes when you keep clearing levels and get a good score.

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There will be a board game with your opponent player where you can perform various stuff by rolling a dice. It is very important to play Disney Magical Dice using good strategy in order to defeat the opponents and earn exciting prizes and rewards. You will also be able to perform various tasks inside the board game like buy landmarks and lot more exciting stuff.

Moreover, you can choose Disney friends alongside where you can buy various properties including Belle’s Cottage, Elsa’s Room, Pooh’s honey pot and a lot more exciting stuff. You have to collect coins and diamonds so that you can buy stuff from the store which will be of great help in the game. Just in case you’re bored playing with random opponents, you can also compete with your friends in real-time for an exciting match.

You can also play this game with your family to make it more happening and prove yourself. There is also a ranking board which has all the names and scores of people who are on the top whereas you also have a tab where you can see which of your friends are leading.

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Disney Magical Dice is something which should not be missed out. You should try this game for sure and get mesmerized by the enchanting world of Disney. This game is available for download on your Android & iOS smartphones from Google Play and  App Store easily.


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