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Buckle up, warriors! It’s time to conquer your next frontier – the space.  Traverse through space, explore galaxies, be the captain of a ship and sail through the deep space to become the ultimate warrior! The time has come, build your ship and become the strongest force of the galaxy with ExoGears 2 by Zombot Studio Inc.

Land into the game and walk through the basics with the easy instructions provided in the game. Drag to move your exo and gather the collectibles. When your opponent jumps in, tap to lock-on and shoot your projectile weapon. Slash the enemy using your blade. Use your skill ability to bring the opponent down.

Choose your avatar. When you aboard the phoenix, use the bridge room where you will be able to access everything you will need in the combat. Work to earn more and improve your collection.

ExoGears 2 Avatar

Complete the training session to get your hands on some of the loot. Open the loot crate to find your reward for the battle. Winning power-up cards will help you in this game in the long run.

Head to the hangar and equip all the rewards. Here you can manage all aspects of your exo and buy new parts. Tap on the part that you won, as after you select it you have a list of things you can do with it and equip it.  Try to use everything you equip in battles.

Brace yourself for the first battle after you are done with the training session. Find your daily objectives and put your all in to complete them, and be the ultimate combat champion.

ExoGears 2 Battle

To unlock the multiplayer battle mode, you will have to complete the training camp. Completing this training will also unlock the next level in training, where you would be able to practice against drones.

Create a splendid collection of your heroes in Aurora League collection, Iron League Collection, and Bronze League Collection, and lastly Silver League Collection, all with different features.

Let’s talk about the deadly weapons you can use to crush the enemy. To begin with, use charged shot to crush the enemy with the powerful energy ball. The cryo spike slams the blade into the ground creating a row of sequential cryo spikes shooting up. Moreover, we have flamethrower that projects a constant stream of thermite fire for a period of time causing burn damage to enemy target. But that’s not it, there are other lethal arms like Quick Repair, Shield Bullet, Berserker, Ion Cannon and Plasma Edge as well. Using them will abolish the enemy in a matter of minutes.

ExoGears 2 Rewards

So, what’s in it for you for combating and destroying the opponents? You will get rewards daily for fighting in the combats. You will get rewards like XP, Power and much more in a chest after completing certain levels, so work hard to achieve them.

Download the game from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now to conquer the galaxies. May the Force be with you!



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