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What can be worse than waking up with a world full of powerful demons and deadly bosses? Well, the game that I am talking about is based on this same concept. If you have what it takes to defeat the deadly enemies and save the world then Epic Conquest is definitely the one for you.

Gaco Games have released their new exciting and fast-paced single-player action RPG with intense combat that is all set to get you hooked. Your task is to select among two playable characters with different play-styles, and save the world from destruction!

Epic Conquest has a compelling story with refreshing skits throughout the journey. As the game begins, there will be various prologues and dialogues taking place. You can skip them whenever it appears on the screen.

This is a story based in a fantasy world that has been invaded by demons. To attack and lead all kingdoms have to join as one – the Alliance, to fight the devil constrain and bring back the peace.

You will either play as Alaster or Edna. Alster is The Royal Knight that uses combat with extraordinary defense and countering skills. Edna, The Flame Witch that uses rang assault with flaming abilities. Each of them have their own extraordinary identity that you can find all through their adventure.

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The gameplay of Epic Conquest is quite intriguing providing beautiful graphics and a smooth control mechanism. You will be battling with the enemies and their bosses in each stage to defeat them. To clear the stage make the enemies lose and earn tons of rewards that get dropped by the enemies to boost your game.

Not to forget the SKILLS – The game has an epic skill system where you can use various skills to defeat the enemies. Moreover, every time an active skills is used, it will get leveled up. You can also find your passive skills after achieving certain level, utilizing mastery point, you can pick any passive skill to be taken first or to boost.

Another amazing aspect of Epic Conquest is that it follows the ritual of ARPG rules that does not use any auto-play features, which means the player can enjoy the game fully and play it however they like.

The epic crafting system has four ultimate craft system which consist of Dismantling, Appraising, Upgrading, and Crafting. Crafting system gives  a boost to the game where you can convert or upgrade equipments, enhance equipment powers, create better equipments, find hidden attributes in equpiments and a lot more stuff.

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Lets not leave behind the RPG attribute system where you can learn new abilities as you keep clearing levels and increase your attributes.

Epic Conquest is a free to download game which means you won’t even have to pay a single penny. No Wi-Fi connection is required so you can play it anytime and anywhere you want without any hassle. Go ahead and download this action packed RPG which is available on the Google Play Store.

Have a great time!

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