Well! If you are a real Disney world fan and love enchanting, mystical characters then you have landed just at the right place. Imagine yourself in a dreamy world, full of quirky, shadowy creatures all around you. Moreover, build up your own dreamy world, feed animals, cultivate your land, fish, collect resources for your living and much much more.So, Enter into a mystical adventure with upjers Wonderland. 

But first, let’s learn what the game is all about. Your beloved sibling is missing and you are the only person who can bring your sibling back from this adventurous village. Besides that, you have to make your survival in upjers Wonderland. For your support, you will be provide with a detailed map on your way to make it easy for you.

Similarly, you will be slipping into the role of a boy or girl who will be freeing his or her sibling from this creepy dark world. Provided that, you will get a chance to explore the mystical world of upjers Wonderland. As the name suggests, its an enchanted magical world.

Also, on your way you will get to know whimsical inhabitants, such as the mayor, his determined mother, the amusing turtle merchant Gonzales and the mysterious faun, a magical forest spirit.Moreover, you will be talking to the villagers, helping them out and completing interesting quests.

The plot is pretty interesting. Indeed it gives you a Disney Land like effect. The color scheme, imagery and graphics are simply epic and quite entertaining. So what are you waiting for. You are the only hope for your sibling. He is waiting for your help. Only you can save your sibling from those monstrous creepy creatures.

Hurry up! Rescue him and bring him back to your own world by downloading it from  Google Play Store.

Thumbs Up!

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