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Prove your might, explore, fight and strive to change the world’s terrible fate by indulging in epic battles in the latest creation of Nexon Company called Elsword M Shadow of Luna. If you have not figured it out yet, the game is a mobile rendition of the popular Elsword franchise that continues to win hearts till this day.

Challenge the Tower of Rule to prove your strength. Embark on the adventures of a world Luna Ross, and summon different characters from Elsword. With this ARPG, NEXON Company tries to create a seamless gaming experience especially for all the RPG lovers by combining action with great RPG mechanics. So here’s everything you need to know about this game.

Elsword M Shadow of Luna GamePlay & Walkthrough

Customize your combats using the ever new Dynamic Party System in this Action RPG. With the customizable 3-role parties, there’s no way you are losing the battles. Fight fierce battles, and take the enemy monsters down using plenty of skills, and your heroic instincts.

Swipe the screen to move to your destination. Initially you will begin the battles alone but once the battles get intense, swap heroes and call for back up. Take help from a striker when you need it.

Game Plot

The game’s plot revolves around a goddess Aluna, and a world of Luna that she had sworn to protect. Due to a cataclysm, the world collapsed and Aluna sacrificed herself sparing the world a terrible fate.

As the world of luna continues to fall slowly, the great sage Barmet finds the land called Elrios and sends an expedition of brave heroes to explore the new continent. The plot is intriguing, so let’s get straight to the gameplay.

Skilled Heroes

You have 4 skilled heroes at your disposal like Elsword, Aisha, Lena, and Reven. All the heroes are unique in their skills, and carry unique personalities. But one thing that’s common between them is that they might carry different skills, but they all are fierce when it comes to battles.

Equip Avatars!

With over 300 avatars that you can choose from, and equip, create the finest look for your characters. Unlock different skins and complete your epic avatar collection. There are plenty of avatars that you can equip like the Top Armor of Turtle, Bottom Armor of Wolf, Bottom Armor of Bear and many others.

From Rockstar Elsword to Steel Knight Elsword – you have plenty of avatars to choose from. As you proceed into the game, you unlock more avatars and improve your collection.

Flaunt your skills

Got skills? Flaunt them! Or equip them if you are yet to apply any. Every time you clear a stage, you reward your heroes with an extra skill to let them sail easily. Acquire different skills for Elsword like Uppercut, Heroic Descent, Spiral Blaze, Sword of judgment, and triple geyser.

Aisha has unique skills like the Magical Turret, Teleport, and Eye of the Storm, Thunder Swift, and Hovering Light while Rena the grand archer has skills like Fierce Wind, Continuous fire, Flame Arrow and others.

Game rewards

As for the game rewards, the immense gameplay provides you amazing rewards in the dungeons, or out of them. Clear different stages and earn rewards like Gold, and new avatars. Moreover, completing different challenges will earn you new swords, and other rewards like Steel Knight Elsword. Lastly, you can earn Bingo rewards.

Quests to keep you going

Complete different quests to earn plenty of useful rewards like gold and unique skills. Clear different daily quests to claim rewards or start with different adventurous quests where you clear the normal stages, boss stages, and stories with Elsword as a leader.

Different game modes

Challenge your abilities and indulge in different game modes like Henir, Tower of Rule, and Invasion Warfare to fight epic battles. But hold on, you need to clear different regions to unlock these game modes, so go show your skills in the dungeons first to get a taste of these modes.

Items to acquire

Acquire useful items after winning each battle and clearing each stage like the Sword of Vampire that’s lethal and many others. With so much to do in the game, you will never run out of options to play.

Elsword M Shadow of Luna is now soft-launched for various countries, and is all set to release worldwide so fasten your seat belts for this epic journey. Download the game from Google Play Store right away. Enjoy!

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