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With its epic graphical representation Durango Wild Lands by NEXON company brings you a completely new gaming experience. Featuring dinosaurs, the effects will give you goose bumps and get ready for a little grinding as well. The strong imagery created, gives a Jurassic Park like effect to the viewers.”Fight for your survival till the end” with Durango Wild lands and learn the art of survival with Nexon’s epic new creation.

Note worthy are its wild life animations, trees, plants, mountains and dinosaurs, so get ready for a startling jolt. Primitive environment shows the culture of clans and tribes fighting for survival.Ancient surroundings intermixed with modern day technology and infrastructure require you to make a survival through the odds.

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Therefore, you are supposed to craft well planned strategies to counter attack clans and tribes, taking control over them. Explore, learn and travel making your way through treacherous pathways and forests. Master how to survive in the world of Durango which has a lot to offer. In addition, you will encounter civilized and uncivilized lands, with different clans and tribes, enjoy living with them and create a whole new safe and secure environment from the scratch.

The game starts with a dramatic beginning in which you first pick and choose your character from a wide range. The characters come from different backgrounds and occupations. So you can dress them to your liking. Moreover, train them to conquer dinosaurs and clans and build a new village from the beginning.

The main theme is that, players from modern day are sent in an ancient environment where they are supposed to rebuild the village destroyed by dinosaurs. The characters will be using various resources and tactics to build a peaceful living place for its residents.

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The game is an interesting journey, a story like plot where you will be guided on your way through multiple tools and resources. You can select items, weapons, walkie talkie, speed levels etc. Not just this you will be using multiple skills like archery, slaughtering,tailoring, processing, gathering, weapon crafting and much more. Also, you will be travelling through different islands.

Furthermore,  enjoy the beautiful islands, landscapes and ancient culture. So what are you waiting for? Download Durango on your Android/iOS systems right now and experience the beautiful journey of wild life and landscapes.


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