Gamers, the time has come to seek revenge from the darkness, and bring glory back to the Dragon village. The God of Light, and the God of destruction have been fighting the war for long, but it’s time to put an end to this, and defeat the forces of evil, once and for all in the latest game called Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M.

Become a master tamer, and enjoy some strategic battles with your dragons to finish off Darkni – the evil lord. In this RPG by Perple Lab Inc, you will go on a journey to the Dragon Village with your amazing dragons.

Dragon Village M Gameplay, Review & Walkthrough

Before each battle, the dragon’s formation is the most important part that can turn the tide of battles. So, don’t forget to make necessary adjustments for a better performance in each battle. You can not only set the position of your dragons during the battles, but also their formations, and details on the battle leader.

It is important to deploy the right dragon at the right stage, so keep the recommended formation in mind before deploying the dragons. As for the battles, when they begin, the dragons will attack automatically. Besides the normal attacks, dragons attack by using their skills based on the conditions and cooling times.

More than 300 fiery dragons

With more than 300 types of dragons to take to the battlefield, it’s a hard choice, yet it is fun to choose and grow your own dragons with various concepts. Mother of dragons feels, anyone? You can level up your dragon to increase the attack effect, and HP, and you can evolve them to equip them with better skills.

So, promote, upgrade, and enhance them to make them fierce. But hold on, who will tame them? There are a number of Tamers in the game that you can choose to tame your dragons with their outstanding talents. Purchase, and change the Tamers costumes as well to show your style in the dragon village.

Strategic skills to sail you through

Defeat the boss monsters, and bring them down by using your skills. Every time your mana is recharged, you can use the active skills in the game. To use the skills, just tap your dragons, or the skill icons on the bottom of the screen.

Each dragon’s skills, its effects, and range are all different, so the key is to use the right skill at the right time. Each skill has its own effects that can turn the tide of the battle. Attack all your enemies one by one using your Drag Skills. Simply hold the skill icon to where you want to target the skill.

The Frost dragon can summon ice shards around itself to inflict DOT damage on the surrounding enemies, while the Power Dragon can damage the enemies in a circular area while reducing their DEF.

Every time you are hit, you HP decreases, but worry not, as you can recover it. It heals and buffs your energy so you are able to inflict much stronger damage on the enemies.

Gems, Heroic eggs, and more rewards

Every time you complete a request from the Tamer Support Association, you will receive numerous rewards like gems, heroic eggs to help the Tamers on their journeys. Hatch the heroic eggs to get some heroic dragons. Also, don’t forget your Road of Master reward.

You can also earn a number of rewards by completing the daily quests, and achievements. If you think you have what it takes to achieve it all, test your skills.

Evolve your dragons by collecting Evolution Materials in the massive Dragon dungeons. As the dragons are evolved, they get a new look, and learn more epic skills.

Explore the dragon forest

There’s an entire dragon forest waiting to be explored by your tamer. Not only that, there are plenty of rewards waiting for you there, so don’t forget to check that out. Manage the forest, deploy the dragons, and enjoy.

When the monsters are defeated, they often drop items. To retrieve them, you simply have to tap them. The game reminds you to pick them up, so tap the part where the finger is pointing to pick up the items.

Game Modes

PVE, PVP, Clan – there are three game modes you can choose from.  In the single player campaigns, you will be able to play modes such as Dungeons where you can fight with large bosses to strengthen your dragons. While, on the other hand, you will be able to play Ancient Tower in the PvP mode. There’s also the Colosseum, where you can compete with other tamers.

Plenty of chapters, each with 7 stages, all for a hell of an adventure! Adventure mode is the most basic mode where you can embark on different adventures with your friends. But before you enter the chapter, the game briefs you about what’s at stake, and also on the kind of monsters you will face.

All in all, the popular game is back with a bang, with the plenty of epic gameplay it provides. So, are you up for an epic adventure? This RPG is up for grabs, so download it right away from the Google Play Store now. Enjoy!

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