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One of the best Acton Game adventures is released by DreamSky Ltd for all the hardcore gamers out there. Dragon Legends is finally here and it is crammed with great fun and along with some superbly created combats that will totally astonish you.

So, let’s see what this game has to offer and how it is more thrilling than other Action Games of same type.

Dragon Legends – Review, Gameplay & Walkthrough

The great MMOARPG environment created in Dragon Legends is definitely satisfying. Whenever action meets RPG, one of the great gaming experiences have established. Likewise, in this game we can encounter and experience a journey which is not fulfilling but also extensively filled with thrilling features.

The gameplay, overall, presents itself with number of great things; there are astounding battles, exciting character, great skills and abilities along with smooth graphics and controls. Everything about this game is awesome. So, just create your character and go on a journey to become the ultimate warrior.

The Character Selection

The game starts off with asking you to select a character. There are three different and unique characters that are available for you to choose from.  Warrior, Mage and Archer are the three types of characters that you have a choice to select from.

Each of these characters possesses different elemental power along with the diverse weapon. The Warrior holds a sword, the Mage has a shaft and the archer, of course, has a bow and arrow as the main weapon.

Once you are done with choosing the character give it a name of your choice and embark on the journey towards intense battles.

The Storyline

Well, every good RPG game contains a perceptual storyline to keep up the interest of the players. Dragon Legends involves dragons along with various other creatures in it. You must act as the ultimate savior and warrior and fight the monstrous enemy to save the world.

No matter which character you choose to be, the main task remains the same. So, go on the combat with your foe and bring the Magic Dragon down. That’s all!

The Battleground and combats

Dragon Legends is filled with many exciting battles; each one contains many monsters with a boss monster at the end of each fight. Keep on fighting and keep on upgrading your game level along with your character level.

Fighting the foe is not a difficult task; however, with each level passing, the battles will get even more intense so you must upgrade the character abilities and skills to match the intensity of the combat.

Your character possesses many skills along with one active skill to attack the enemy with your main weapon. Keep on attacking the enemy with your main weapon whilst using other skills time and again whenever the need be; however, these side skills once used needs a few seconds to get recharged and used.

Tasks and Quests to Complete

Well the game is created to complete various task, there are number of tasks that you need to accomplish to earn rewards. So, complete all the tasks and special quests in the game to experience a mesmerizing journey.


Well, Dragon Legends is set in a world where players from all around the world can participate. However, in this world you can play with other players too; join guilds make friends, chat with them and devise various combat strategies to win the game.

Also, play battles with these friends and definitely be the part of amazing MMO experience that is set in the game. Also, be the best amongst all the players and take your rightful place by earning a higher rank.

The Map

Not to mention, there is a world map that you must complete which acts a various levels in the game. Complete each location on the map and go move ahead to uncover more adventure sand quests in the game.

Earn items and Upgrade characters

There are multiple items that you would be receiving as a reward at the end of each battle or after completing various tasks. You must use these characters to upgrade you character and enhance the abilities and skills of your character so that they fight one of the best battles ever.

How to Download

Don’t waste any more time and simply visit Google Play Store to Download Dragon Legends and witness the journey that is filled with nothing else but entertainment.

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