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From the day Tech World bestowed us of Android & iOS Platforms, playing games has become fun, easy, awesome and to be precise – MOBILE. One can play their favorite games just by hoping into their smartphones. Playing games on the mobile phones seems easier and simpler but it is not so much due to various reasons; the mobile screens are not too large to fully experience the graphics or I should say, The Console/PC Gamers adaptability comes into play – Well, what ever the reason it may be, it is a Big disappointment for the Gaming Fanatics out there.

Hocus Pocus & Here Comes the Solution – Well, Play these games on PC. The Apps & Games for your smartphones are now Playable on your PCs & Laptops. But there is a catch, not all games are PC optimized and you need an emulator to run it. You cannot just double click and Install Android Games on PC. Furthermore, there isn’t any reputable iOS emulator out there for you to enjoy iOS Apps on PC (to date) but you can play the games launched for both the platforms. Smart! isn’t it *Angel*. So, in order to achieve all what I have told earlier, we will Download BlueStacks.

BlueStacks WebPage

There are other emulators out there but for the time being, why not focus at the on which is the most popular amongst all. And Yes, we do recommend BlueStacks because of their extensive development in making this product Awesome.

Some of other emulators are BlueStacks, KoPlayer, Nox App Player, Droid4X Android Simulator, Android Studio’s emulator etc but we will come then separately for sure. Lets embark you all on the BlueStacks journey, or I should say BlueStacks 3’s road to redemption and elaborate as to why OXiDroid and million others prefer it over other Emulators.

Bluestacks 3

BlueStacks is brilliant when it comes to selecting an emulator as it is specifically designed keeping in view the smartphone – PC gaming retrospective. It is fast, offers full screen experience, available for MAC (SMILE You ALL – MAC Lovers) and offers thousands of games optimized for PC.

BlueStacks Features & Walkthrough

BlueStacks has incredible features and performance as it is built on the state of the art BlueStacks Gaming Platform which uses patented Hyper-G graphics APIs enabling the users to play at high resolution and refresh rates (including 144hz)  which is a standing out feature among its competitors.

Lets have a closer look on what BlueStacks has to offer, it consists of a wide range of features.

App Center for latest games

The App Center in BlueStacks makes it easier for the gamers to find new updated and popular games. The games also include their detailed reviews and screenshots to help the gamers choose. It also suggests you the games based on your choice, making the whole experience optimized and user centric.

An exclusive Gift Center

Get free gifts and in-game promotions like coins, gold, special features etc  which you wont be able to get otherwise. Yes, its exclusively available only for BlueStacks users. Sounds exciting, Doesn’t it?

Chat with Gamers & Friends

BlueStacks has an in built chat room which enables you to interact with other gamers. An excellent feature which let’s people interact and communicate and can talk about various gaming strategies. Well, who doesn’t love to have a Gaming Clan!

Play Multiple Games Simultaneously

Must be familiar with your multi-tab experience in mobile and your internet browsers. Well, Now experience the same Android Experience on your PC by fully utilizing the virtual environment.


Well, salvation lies within. Right? What good is your PC when it can’t even run your Android Games smoothly. BlueStacks claims to optimize user experience by adjusting itself to the hardware of the Host Computer. It has been designed keeping in view the hardware compatibility and use case. Get the best performance and visual effects whilst PC Gaming.


BlueStacks emulator has been designed to run irrespective of the architecture you choose. Be it Intel or AMD, integrated or dedicated graphics cards, you’ll be able to play your favorite games on BlueStacks 3 and get the best out of your hardware.

Multi-Instance Function

Restricted to one instance of your game or Logged in via one Google Account. Well, BlueStacks 3 offers an alternative. Enjoy multiple instance of the same game and Login via multiple Google Accounts and make the most out of your favorite game.

Advanced Engine with Adaptive Environment Sync

Gaming engine of BlueStacks adjusts to your computer’s specifications. You’ll get the best performance settings by default and you can adjust these settings at any time. Which results in smoother and faster gameplay.

Automated Custom Key mapping

BlueStacks 3 come with already optimized key set to suite the need of each game. However, it offer full customization varying from touch controls to sensor control. Such customization gives user the liberty to be far more accurate, agile and precise. Must have wondered as to how the gyro sensors would have worked. Leave it to BlueStacks 3 as it has got all covered.

Live Game on Twitch or Facebook

Want to share your gaming experience with the whole world. Then surely, BlueStacks is the way to go. With a click of a button, you will be able to Stream live on Twitch or Facebook and enjoy sharing your experience with like minded gaming fanatics.

BlueStacks Comparison

Though platforms like STEAM, Origin and UPlay are not to be compared with but they all do have one common feature that somewhat establishes the basis of comparison i.e. All of them are PC based platforms. That’s right. And BlueStacks somewhat boasts off the million of Android Apps under its repository (Thanks to PlayStore), its ability to Stream Gamesvia the application itself and it not being so hardware hungry.

Now that you have ample overview of what this emulator has to offer, lets go ahead and Download BlueStacks & Play Android Games on PC.

Download BlueStacks & Play Android Games on PC

As discussed earlier, To be able to Play Android Games on PC, you need to have an Android Emulator Installed at your PC. To do so, Follow the comprehensive method below and Download BlueStacks on PC.

Steps on How to Download BlueStacks

  1. To Download BlueStacks on your PC, visit BlueStacks Home Page or BlueStacks 3 Page.
  2. From the BlueStacks Home Page, Navigate to BlueStacks 3 Page or Just click the Second link in the first step.
  3. As shown in the snapshot, Click Download BlueStacks Button and Download the File.
  4. A Window will Pop-up with asking you to Save File of around 250 – 250 MB.
  5. Once you see “We’re now downloading BlueStacks” on BlueStacks Webpage, you are good to go.
  6. Once the Installer File is Downloaded, you can navigate to the related directory.
  7. You are done Downloading BlueStacks. Now you can proceed to Install & Configure BlueStacks.

Steps to Install and Configure BlueStacks

  1. Once the Installer file is Downloaded, Launch it.
  2. You will be Welcomed by BlueStacks 3 Installer Screen. At the bottom of Screen you will find Install Now Button. Click it to Start Extracting Files.
  3. BlueStacks will now Extract Files and Install it on PC.
  4. While this emulator is being installed, you will see different informative Snaps elaborating different Steps & Features of BlueStacks 3.
  5. Once done, a Welcome Screen will pop up. Navigate further to Start Configuring BlueStacks.
  6. A Google Window will pop-up Asking you to either “Agree” or “Disagree” to Improve Location Accuracy.
  7. Once done, Select the Language in the next Screen.
  8. At the next screen, you will be asked if you have an existing Google Account or not. If so, you can proceed or use your PC browser to create one.
  9. Sign in using already or recently created Google Account.
  10. At Google Services Screen, Select the options that suite you the best i.e. Backup & Restore, Location Settings e.t.c
  11. Set up Payment info if you wish to Install Paid App or use In App Purchases in the future. You can skip this step as well and enter the details whenever required.
  12. After successful configuration of BlueStacks, you will land in the Emulator App Center.
  13. If you see all the screens as shown in the Gallery below, you have successfully installed BlueStacks and Configured it.
  14. Lets now proceed to the part where you can learn as How to Play Android Games on PC.

Play Android Games on PC using BlueStacks App Center

You can Play Android Games on PC using either the Google Play Store / App Center offered by BlueStacks itself or APK Files can be downloaded from Trusted Sources (With the Discretion of Developers). You can choose either of the methods and each has it’s own use case. One is the quickest way to get your Android Games/Apps up and running on PC’s and other gives you the liberty to play with different BETA releases, previous versions e.t.c. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry as we have got both covered. To Play Android Games on PC via Google Play Store / App Center, follow the steps illustrated below.

  1. Launch BlueStacks from your PC’s Start Menu or Desktop; if you haven’t already.
  2. At the top right corner (App Center or My Apps), you will be able to locate Search Bar.
  3. Use this Search Bar to locate the Game / App of your choice. For better clarity, we will search & download “Home Street” from Google Play / App Center.
  4. Once you are done locating the desired Game / App, Click on it to reveal the contents.
  5. After Play Store is done loading all the contents, Click the “Install” button to start downloading.
  6. As soon as you see the download bar, you have successfully started the download process.
  7. Once the download is complete, Click “My Apps” from the left top corner.
  8. In “My Apps” section of BlueStacks, you will be able to find recently downloaded Apps & Games.
  9. Click on the Icon to Launch the game.
  10. To Download and other App or Game, repeat all the steps from 1 – 9 and enjoy Playing Android Games on PC.

Play Android Games on PC using APK Files

  1. Launch BlueStacks from your PC’s Start Menu or Desktop; if you haven’t already.
  2. Navigate to “My Apps” Window from top left corner.
  3. At the Bottom right corner, you will find “Install APK‘ button.
  4. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded desired Game / App APK File.
  5. Select the file and open it. To better demonstrate the method, we will be installing “Taichi Panda” via APK File.
  6. An icon will pop up suggesting that the Installation process has started.
  7. Once done, it will reveal the desired Icon.
  8. Click on it to Launch the Game.
  9. Use the same process i.e. From 1 – 8 to Download & Play Android Games on PC using APK Files.
  10. Thats all!

That’s all for the time being. If you enjoyed Playing the Game using the steps in this guide or would like to ask anything, do leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Furthermore, do explore OXiDroid and OXi Recommended Section pertaining all latest awesome games for the Gaming Fanatics out there. Cheers!

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