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Embark on a voyage through a pocket universe, and gear up for a time travelling adventure. As the universe faces its greatest ever peril, it’s time for you to step up, and prevent it. Avert the events foretold as you travel through an adventure that weaves over 50 years of Doctor Who history in the all new card game Doctor Who: Battle of Time.

As the greatest villains are determined to destroy the Earth, assemble your dream team in this unpredictable yet fantastic journey brought to you by none other than BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc – the creators of Tekken, and Legends Reborn.

If you love the BBC TV series Doctor Who, this game is all you need. With hundreds of cards with your favorite characters from the show, you will get to enjoy everything you love about the show here. So, without any further ado, let us walk you through the game.

Doctor Who: Battle of Time Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

Doctor Who: Battle of Time is a card collectible game with a thrilling storyline to back it up. Something is ripping the comos apart, and sending the galaxies into oblivion. Daleks, and Cybermen join hands to work out the case, and create a new empire.

Players will start off as the Doctor’s new companion to avert the events, and build unique deck of cards. In this game, players are trusted to build unique and powerful deck of cards to win the challenging battles against the evil as they unveil the adventures.

Summon cards to defend space and time!

The game is all about summoning epic cards. Collect special edition cards, and assemble your dream team with them. Summon your companions to attack and defend against the villains.

Here, players have more than 200 cards with all your favorite Doctor Who characters at your disposal. Each card with its special rarities, powers and abilities can turn the tides of the battles. Furthermore, players can also master the cards, and spur advantages using the handy upgrades.

Build a Doctor Who dream team!

Fight alongside Amy Pond, Captain Jack, Sarah Jane Smith, and countless other Time Lord’s allies as you roam the foggy streets of London, and meet the great detective. You will work with UNIT, the Time Agency, and secret double agents as you work your way through the mysteries.

Fight epic turn-based battles!

The gameplay of Doctor Who: Battle of Time is straight-forward, and easy to grasp. As players start off their journey, they will select their avatar for the game, and customize their character. In the turn-based battles, all you have to do is drag the card you want to play on the board.

Each card has unique characteristics, and you will be able to see the health of the card, and its attack power at all times. To win the battles, players will attack the enemy hero, and reduce their health to zero.

Power up your odds!

Players can pick the most powerful cards to assemble decks of cards with unique traits for each faction. You can replenish the TARDIS, deal damage to your opponents, and restore your own health over time.

Unlock more wonderful cards! As players defend time and space, they will get their hands on worthy reward boxes as well. The boxes can earn you more powerful cards, so you can unlock as many cards as you can and make your deck powerful.

Work out your tactics!

Face the intense battles, and emerge victorious in the time events. As the TARDIS phone rings off the hook, answer it, and fight three times the day. Players can also devise their own strategies and tactics as they try to become the time lord. Infiltrate and explore the story, and save time and space in this engaging time travelling adventure.

Are you up for the challenge? Build your path to victory, and embark on this thrilling adventure by downloading the game from Google Play Store now. Cheers!

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