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If you love animated movies then you are going to fall in love with the new RPG game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode that is based on Strategy. It is a recent marvel by PreBlue Entertainment in which they have established a great cartoonic journey inculcating your favorite characters from many popular cartoon series.

Overall, the game provides us with some superb gameplay features and offers us even more satisfaction with the type of visual quality that it has used. Moreover, the controls are also quite pleasing; so the game is surely a great RPG venture to experience.

There is much more to this remarkable game so it’s befitting to explore its gameplay in detail. So, let’s start.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode – Gameplay & Walkthrough

There is no doubt about the grandeur of the gameplay that is established in this game. The RPG journey amalgamated with strategy makes the battles even more fun and intense. However, with the inclusion of the many attractive and cute Disney characters including The Incredibles, the gaming standards inculcated in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has travel one scale higher.

In addition, the overall mechanism to play the game is super easy; all you need is to fight face to face battles with the enemy that too in teams and you must make sure that you utilize the abilities of your character to the fullest to earn victory.

Moreover, creating your team is an interesting task as you can keep on unlocking your favorite characters and can add them in your team to see how entertaining they turn the gameplay.

The Incredible Storyline

Well, the storyline of the game is quite intriguing. Your friends and Family are missing and are affected by the wicked virus. They have now turned against you and you have to fight battles against them to bring them back and of course to stay alive.

As the game moves along the story of the game becomes more and more clear so you will get to know further how you must play the game to save the world.

The Battle Mechanism

The battle system in the game is quite interesting; you must go on combats in teams and fight the enemy simultaneously using your active and special powers.

The active attack of the heroes is automatically control by the game; however, the special skills and attacks can be controlled by you, if you have not opted for the auto control in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

Once the skill bar is fully charged, all you need to do is tap on the character tab that is available at the bottom of the screen, and witness your characters using their special powers on the foe. Well, these powers are definitely a lot more exciting and intense than the usual ones. So, have fun!

Team Up

The most exciting part about this game is the characters that involves; there many cool characters in the game like, The Incredibles, Pixar Heroes, Disney Heroes and character from Toy Story. All of these characters are quite popular and adds up to the attraction of the game.

As mentioned, you will be fighting in teams, so firstly unlock the various characters in the game and then choose the characters of your own choice to fight on your behalf. All these characters bear specific set of skills to playing with them as a team is a blast.

Upgrading and Promoting the Characters

In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, winning each battle rewards you with many items that are useful to upgrade your characters. Win various useful items and win crates that are filled with many rewards and equip each character with eth necessary item.

However, once all the slots of badges are equipped, the character then is eligible for promotion. Promote the character to enhance its abilities and make it more powerful and attractive.

Campaign Mode

Initially the campaign mode is unlocked for you to explore. There are various characters involved in this mode which further inculcates numerous levels in it. The first Campaign is The City, which has many chapters and locations in it.

Clear all these places of the virus and keep on freeing your friends and family from the dangerous virus. However, there are Elite and Friends mode under this mode that you will be able to unlock at a certain level.

Elite unlocks at Team Level 11 while Friends unlocks at the Team Level 25. So, don’t stop and keep on playing this marvelous game for some exciting battles.

Quests and Medals

There are many quests involved in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode that you must complete to earn even better rewards. On accomplishing each task you will be given many handy items to use; however, with every milestone achieved you will be getting a medal  like, Heroic Effort and Near Center Station, that will give you’re a higher place in the game.

Unlock Many Locations on the Home Map

The game is just filled with great adventures for everyone. There are many locations that needs to be unlocked in the game which requires you time and effort. You will see areas like, Missions, Surge, Trials, Guilds City Watch, Market, The port, Arena and many more.

The PvP Mode

Well, once you start winning more and more battles and move ahead in the game, there will be many opportunities which will get unlocked for you. The PvP mode unlocks after a certain stage and you will be able to not only play with other online players but you can make friends and play alongside them apart from playing against them. How cool is that!

The Beautiful Graphic & Controls

Quite evidently, the graphics in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode are crafted with great attention and care. They are rich in tone, colorful and attractive to witness and are smooth enough to shake up your interest. However, the only problem that I feel that game holds is the controls.

The characters in the game are, mostly, attacking the enemy on their own; the player has very little part in performing battles. So, it would be nice to encounter that the players can attack the enemy personally and do not have to sit and wait for the Skill bar to get charged before he can actually use the attack button.

How to Download

Downloading Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is extremely easy! All you need to do is going to the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and click on install to play the game on your devices. However, if you want to play more Strategy Games then visit our site and have fun learning about more games.


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