Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is coming out soon

An epic battle experience is waiting around the corner for all the Disney fans. PerBlue Entertainment brings an adventurous Strategy Game for you to explore. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is coming out soon and trust me you will be thrilled to witness the immaculate gameplay that it holds.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode – Brief Insight of the Gameplay

The overall gameplay is simple yet quite entertaining; what makes it most special is the inclusion of many of our favorite cartoon character from Disney, Pixar, The Incredibles and many more. However, all you need to do is to save your friends and family from the wicked virus that is turning them against you.

So, be the part of many battles, form up a team of great members and complete many missions that you are required to finish. Not only that you must unlock many new characters to play the game but you are also supposed to keep upgrading them. Enhance the character skills and abilities by upgrading and have an even better combats.

There is more that you should know about the game, so read the Detailed Review of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to Pre-Register the game for free.

Have fun!

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